Early Years, Years 1-6

Develops children aged 4-11 into informed, globally competent, and future-ready learners

We are a Cambridge school that offers the thematic units from the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC for Reception) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC for Year 1 to 6) to ensure we are meeting statutory requirements.

The school’s Primary Curriculum is designed to meet the different needs of our particular student body while maintaining an essentially British education and ethos. We aim to give pupils a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated educational experience with an increasing emphasis on cross-curricular links.

We are committed and offer a dynamic learning journey that connects our learner’s past, present, and future to the wider community.


Oxford International English
The thematic approach with rich international content delivers a comprehensive programme that focuses on learning self-expression and critical thinking for 5-11-year-olds. The units provide age-appropriate fiction and non-fiction texts that aim to develop learner competency in reading, writing, listening and speaking across Primary. Our learners will read widely, using the Oxford Guided Reading Programme as well as novel studies in Upper Primary to further broaden their reading skills. In addition, we offer English Language Support in smaller group settings to facilitate learners with diverse backgrounds.

Chinese, Korean, Spanish
One of the key features of global competence and future-ready means being able to confidently navigate in multiple languages. We offer comprehensive First, Second and Third Language Programmes for Chinese (Putonghua), Korean and Spanish.


Working in collaboration with IPC specialists from Fieldwork Education, our Integrated Studies follow the thematic units from IEYC and IPC, covering learning strands in Science, Social Studies, ICT, Physical Education, Art, and Music- Centering around the IPC Personal Learning Goals. With a heavy emphasis on the skills to be future-ready and built-in throughout all activities: I am Adaptable, I am a Communicator, I am a Collaborator, I am Empathetic, I am Ethical, I am Resilient, I am Respectful, I am a Thinker. Our teachers and parents are dedicated to work hand-in-hand in supporting our learners throughout their Primary years education.


Each core mathematical concept is taught through a method called Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract. This methodology encourages learners to think mathematically and apply their knowledge to their day-to-day lives. The approach is taught with scaffolded activities that are designed to develop thinking and problem-solving skills through independent and collaborative learning.


School trips are an important and compulsory part of our curriculum and each trip has been considered in depth as to how the experience will enrich and broaden the minds of our students. We strive to improve not only your child’s academic skills but also instil whole-person development. We have included a variety of outdoor team-building activities encompassing environmental conservation and community service to help students gain independence, self-confidence and a wider perspective regarding the world around them

We work hard to develop programs that offer strong experiential learning opportunities as well as offering value for money for Parents. Primary Camps are held during October and November we need to move quickly to ensure that your child can be enrolled and registered well ahead of time.


Primary Student-Led initiative which aims to keep our community informed about regular events, activities, and celebrations at our school.