It is a traditional feature in British schools that exists to provide pastoral care and healthy competition between the students of each of the four houses.
The word “house” refers to a grouping of students.

The pupils are divided into four houses in primary, named after different animals (Leopard Cat, Red Fox, Black Kite and Fin Whale) and four houses in secondary, named after the elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water). There is also Metal for the school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Primary Houses

Secondary Houses

Senior Leadership Team

  • Provision of pastoral care for all students
  • Competition between the houses
  • Merit points for good behaviour
  • Academic achievement is recognised
  • A sense of “family” is created
  • Inter-house sports day competition

Points are achieved throughout the academic year, but broken down into totals for the reward of “House of the Month”, at the end of each month.
There is a final competition at the end of the year to announce the “WINNING HOUSE”. Individual Teachers award points for effort/good behaviour/school representation/sports achievement.