Promote and sustain a greener school.

The Environment Committee in the International Section was formed in 2022. It comprises Secondary students and teachers and works closely with the International Section PTA to push forward and carry out environmental initiatives in the school.

The Environment Committee organises campaigns and events that aim to raise awareness of green issues locally and internationally. Drawing from the core values of vision, passion and action, we focus on recycling materials and resources, reducing electricity consumption and sustaining a healthy environment in school.

Recent projects have been the KIS Goes Green School Fair, organised by the PTA and the Environment Committee. With various stalls promoting greener practices, students, parents and teachers could participate in a wide range of green activities and support local organic food suppliers. The Environment Committee also held a Green Corner where students helped to create a Green Mural for the school.

The Environment Committee and Environment ECA have worked hard to promote recycling by providing recycle bins for paper, plastic bottles and cans in classrooms and the school canteen.

In conjunction with this, the students from the Environment ECA have created posters that provide tips for reducing electricity consumption in the classrooms and around the school.

The Environment Committee has also supported various environmental campaigns that include:

  • World Animal Day
  • Hong Kong Seahorse Conservation Programme
  • A beach clean-up on Lamma Island run by the Eco-Education and Resources Centre HK.
  • WEEE Recycling Programme – Creative Short Film Contest

The Environment Committee is looking forward to building on the recent successes by continuing to promote and sustain a greener Korean International School.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, KIS has been implementing various projects on our campus.

In 2021, we installed solar-powered panels on the roof as part of a government initiative ‘Solar Harvest‘ project. The school agreed to participate in the government’s scheme to promote sustainability through solar power. The installation of these panels not only makes the school more energy efficient but also provides valuable learning opportunities for our senior students. The government provided all the panels and covered the installation costs for this project.

Solar power is a clean, abundant, long-lasting, quiet, and efficient source of energy compared to fossil fuels. Harnessing solar energy will benefit the entire school community economically and serve as a valuable learning tool for our students. To further enhance our sustainability efforts, we plan to introduce a working monitoring system that will allow the whole school and community to see and track the energy flow on a daily basis.

In line with the government initiative, we are actively replacing old air conditioning units in all classrooms with new sustainable and efficient models provided free of charge by the government. This will contribute to our goal of creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient campus.

Future projects will continue to align with our commitment to sustainability and explore opportunities to harness renewable energy sources. By embracing solar power and other sustainable practices, we aim to create a greener and more environmentally friendly campus for our students and the community