KIS school lunch is contracted out to Compass Group

School Lunch 19 Aug – 30 Sep 2024:

Deadline For Lunch Enrolment 20 Aug 2024, 11:59am

Chartwells are excited to offer wheat cutlery set to students and teachers who enroll for the entire first meal period of the new academic year 2024-25 (e.g. lunch enrollment of more than 20 days for Aug & Sept period). This eco-friendly cutlery set is highly reusable and made from sustainable wheat material, helping to reduce the production of plastic and other harmful synthetic materials. 

Chartwell strongly encourages students to bring their own cutlery to school as part of our commitment to sustainable dining and reducing the use of disposable alternatives.

The lunch cancel policy only applies to school sick leave records that have a medical certificate. If you have a medical certificate, you will receive a credit that you can redeem in the next enrollment.

Please send an email to at 9:30 am and it can be refunded by credit, the next month.

If you have any enquiries, you can reach KIS Site Manager, Jacky, by e-mail at: or 2568 4583