The 1-to-1 Device Program is an ambitious project started in 2018 with the goal of integrating technology into the curriculum in order to enhance teaching and learning both in and outside the classroom. All primary (Y5-Y6) and secondary (Y7-Y13 & SBS & SBP-16) students in the International Section are required to bring a hybrid device with a digital pen to school every day. Participation in the program is compulsory. No other devices will be allowed in classrooms unless explicitly approved by the IT Department or the subject teacher. 

The school can facilitate the purchase of devices through an appointed vendor. In most cases, we recommend parents purchase devices through the school as they will come with a 3-year enterprise-level extended warranty (tablet only). In case of technical issues, the school will facilitate the repair/replacement process. 

Alternately, parents can purchase the device on their own (BYOD) provided it meets the requirements of the program. We strongly recommend parents discuss their planned purchase with the IT department beforehand in order to make sure it meets the requirements. Please note that support for BYOD devices will be limited to basic user support and parents will be responsible for repairs.

Mandatory Device Requirements

All devices must come equipped with Windows 11 Professional. Devices running Windows Home or other operating systems are not supported. If an upgrade is required, parents are responsible for this prior to enrollment into the program. 

Devices must include a touchscreen and a pen.

Recommended Models

The models below have been thoroughly tested by our IT department. We firmly believe they will give your child the best experience possible. They are currently used by the majority of students as well as our teachers. The newer models amongst them can be purchased through the school appointed vendor.

  • Microsoft Surface 7
  • Microsoft Surface 7 Pro
  • Microsoft Surface 8
  • Microsoft Surface 9
  • Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 4
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 4

Accepted Models

The models below have previously been accepted in the program. While they meet the basic requirements of the 1-to-1 Device Program, our IT department cannot guarantee a trouble free experience as they have not been extensively tested. We generally recommend using these only if you already own one.

  • Samsung Book3 360
  • Samsung Book2 Pro 360


Upon enrolment into the program, devices will be wiped and equiped with the school’s device management software. The devices will be exclusively managed by the KIS IT department for the duration of your child’s studies at the school. Only applications approved for classroom teaching will be installed. Upon departure from the school, devices will be reset to factory settings.

Additional Information

If you need any additional information about the program, or would like to order a 1-to-1 device, please contact the KIS IT department at ithelp@kis.edu.hk.

1-to-1 Device Program Policies