Years 7-13

The International Section Years 7 – 13 follow the curriculum developed by Cambridge Assessment International Education, AQA and Pearson BTEC.

Secondary education starts for students at the age of 11 years and ends with students taking the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE exams. Formed of two periods, for the first three years (Lower Secondary) students will study a broad range of subjects such as Maths, Sciences, English, Music, etc. When they reach 14 years old they enter into a 2-year Upper Secondary phase that prepares them for the IGCSEs.

After IGCSEs, students will embark on the A Level programme. A-Levels, or Advanced Level qualifications, are subject-based qualifications for students aged 16 and above, typically studied over two years. They are recognized for entrance to higher education institutes in the UK and many others worldwide. Students usually study three or four A-Level subjects, which are assessed mainly through written examinations at the end of the two-year course. The grading scale runs from A* to E, with a minimum of three subjects usually required for entry to most higher education institutes. There are no compulsory subjects, and students are free to choose the topics that interest them or benefit their future studies or careers. A-Levels are widely accepted worldwide, and several examination boards assess them. The A-Level programme is known for its academic rigour and specialization in specific subjects, making it suitable for students who have a clear idea of their strengths and interests.

Lower Secondary School (Year 7-9)

Years 7-9, also known as Key Stage 3, follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education and the UK National Curriculum.

*denotes courses following the AQA Specification

Year 9 students take the Cambridge Checkpoint external exams in April, which assess their English, Mathematics and Science knowledge. These exams are compulsory and are paid for by the parent/guardian.

The Cambridge GCSE (Year 10-11)

We try to schedule the timetable so that students can study their first choices; however, please note that the timetable may change and we reserve the right to do so. In the event that we need to make changes, students will be given preferences based on a first-come, first-served basis.

● Please look at the options below and choose one subject from each block (Block 2 Mathematics Assigned by Department)

● You must choose at least one Science subject and one Language Subject 

● You cannot choose the same subject twice.

Please submit your choices in the Subject Selection Google Form – GCSE Options 2024-26 Subject Selection form. 

A-Level (Year 12-13 )

Information: Students in Year 12 should choose from the subjects on offer below and commit to studying for AS Level in the 2024-25 school year and at A-Level in the 2025-2026 school year.  Students should select any combination of 4/5 (if Chinese) subjects only according to the 7 blocks below. 

Requirements: Students must achieve 4 IGCSEs at grade C or above to follow the AS Level course. An IGCSE grade C or above is also required in the chosen subjects.

To register your choices, please fill in the Subject Selection Form

Secondary School Camp

School trips are an important and compulsory part of our curriculum and each trip has been considered in depth as to how the experience will enrich and broaden the minds of our students. We strive to improve not only your child’s academic skills but also instil whole-person development. We have included a variety of outdoor team-building activities encompassing environmental conservation and community service to help students gain independence, self-confidence and a wider perspective regarding the world around them.

We work hard to develop programs that offer strong experiential learning opportunities as well as offering value for money for Parents. Secondary trips are held during November we need to move quickly to ensure that your child can be enrolled and registered well ahead of time.

For all of our external overseas trips in the Secondary School, we partner with educational travel and tour companies that have a proven track record in delivering: challenging, fun, effective and most importantly safe outdoor programmes for our students. Each of these trips has a clear purpose, often linked with Community Service with students developing a greater understanding of the issues and challenges faced within our region. You can learn more about these providers online via the company websites listed on the Student Preference Form which your child will bring home.

Secondary Trips

Throughout the year subject and interest-specific trips are developed and offered for our students. These are based in Hong Kong and have strong curriculum links to what is being currently studied within the subject area.

Within creative areas like drama and the arts, students can attend concerts, theatre performances and art exhibitions. Recent trips within the Science department have involved KIS students visiting Hong Kong University, and the Science Museum. Business Studies students have visited local entrepreneurs to learn about their experiences and develop their understanding of real live business and enterprise activities.

Secondary teachers are always looking to enhance student learning through participation in these valuable and purposeful activities.

Secondary Christmas Fair
  • Christmas Fair 2023 – Link