Korean International School (KIS) was granted land at Sai Wan Ho campus in 1992, and was incorporated in 1993. Original stakeholders included representatives from the Korean community and the Korean Consulate, who elected a Board of Directors to oversee the welfare of the school.

The Board of Directors were given the power to appoint Committees to manage the school and various Committees were formed and dismantled as the school saw the completion of the building of the first phase and second phase. The most recent such committees are the Building Committee to oversee the extension phase of facilities (completed summer of 2013), and the Fundraising Committee.

At KIS, there are two schools running two separate curriculums: the Korean Section following the Korean curriculum set by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, with the Principal appointed by the Ministry; and International Section which follows Cambridge International Program, with the internationally appointed Principal and teaching staff. Both schools are open to all applicants residing in HK.

Given this duality, the Board appointed a Supervisor to head up the Management Committee whose members include representatives from the Korean community, Principals of both sections, PTA representatives from both sections, a Chief Operating Officer representing school administration, and a representative from the Korean Consulate General.

Supporting the Board with day-to-day administration as well as long-term planning, and responsibility for overseeing and supporting two sections in matters that relate to both sections is undertaken by Chairman with a team of administration staff.

KIS Board of Directors 2024 March -Present

탁연균 Tak, Yeon Kyun Chairman강윤식 Kang, Yoon Sik Peter, Supervisor
장문성 Chang, Moon Sung지관수 Chy, Kwan Soo
백수희 Paik, Soo Hee최지혁 Choi, Ji Hawk
김영대 Kim, Young Dae나정주 Na, Jeong Ju
이정재 Lee, Jung Jae함영실 Harm, Young Sil
김평국 Kim, Pyung KukDaniel Hilton
Kohli Unnat신원식 Shin, Won Shik
곽재원 Kwak, Jae Won