Procedures and Policy

Thank you for your interest in the International Section of the Korean International School. Please read the following information before you complete your application form.
For a school tour, please contact 2569 5500 to make an appointment.

In addition to the completed application form, the following documents are required:

  • A completed application form
  • One passport-size photo of your child (attached on the form)
  • Copies of school reports from the last two years (where applicable)
  • ID document and passport copy of parents and students
  • A reference from the current school will be requested for applicants from Years 4 -13

The applications are processed according to the date the application form and accompanying documents are received. A letter acknowledging receipt of the application will be issued and the child placed on the waiting list. Priority is given to siblings and therefore the position on the waiting list can change. Parents are encouraged to inform Marcus Ng, Admissions Officer at of any change in their information.

The International Section uses the following guidelines to place each applicant in the correct year.

2023-2024 Academic Year

Age Of ChildYear Of BirthKIS ClassHK ClassUS / CanadaAustralia
52018Year 1K-3KGPreparatory
62017Year 2P-1Grade 1Year 1
72016Year 3P-2Grade 2Year 2
82015Year 4P-3Grade 3Year 3
92014Year 5P-4Grade 4Year 4
102013Year 6P-5Grade 5Year 5
112012Year 7P-6Grade 6Year 6
122011Year 8S-1Grade 7Year 7
132010Year 9S-2Grade 8Year 8
142009Year 10S-3Grade 9Year 9
152008Year 11S-4Grade 10Year 10
162007Year 12S-5Grade 11Year 11
172006Year 13S-6Grade 12Year 12
Assessment / Interview

We accept applications throughout the year. All applications are processed a year ahead of entry. (This includes those children with sibling priority).

The medium of instruction for the International Section is English and all applicants are required to complete an English assessment. Applicants may also occasionally be required to complete a Mathematics assessment.

These assessments will be followed by a short interview with the Principal, who will then meet with the family to discuss the outcome of the assessments.

The final decision of acceptance and class allocation will be made by the Principal following the interview.

For details of the assessment and interview procedure for the Springboard programme please click HERE

For further information, please contact Marcus Ng at

Waiting Pool

If the applicant has completed all qualifications to be accepted to KIS. but the current grade level has no vacancies, or if the applicant requires Learning Enhancement Services that are currently at capacity, the applicant will be placed in our waiting pool until an available space opens up.

The applicant may stay in the waiting pool for a period of Six Months from date of notification.
Then the admissions department will issue you a letter to request for a re-test and updated information to continue to stay in the waiting pool for another year.

If you choose not to and would like to still enroll in KIS at a later date, you must go through the application process again.

The waiting pool does not operate on a first come first serve basis. There are certain criteria the admission team uses to decide which student will fill up an open spot. Such criteria includes, gender, sibling priority, nationality or learning enhancement needs.