Scholarships at Korean International School

Korean International School offers a wide range of scholarships to recruit and retain high-caliber students. These scholarships are offered to exceptional pupils for both academic achievement and talents related to sports and the arts, as well as student leadership.

Donor: Mr. Park, Byung Won

The MTS Scholarship is awarded to the top two students who achieve the highest overall academic results for their year group from Years 7 through 11.

Each recipient is awarded 10,000 HKD.

The MTS Scholarship is automatically awarded by KIS at the end of each academic year.

Donor: Mr. Park, Hee Bong

The Park Hee Bong Scholarship is awarded to two students from either Year 11 or 12 who have studied at Korean International School for at least one academic year and achieved outstanding results on external examinations. These include GCSE, IGCSE and AS Level examinations.

Each recipient is awarded 20,000 HKD.

KIS automatically awards the Park Hee Bong Scholarship at the end of each academic year.

Donor: Ms. Harm, Young Sil

The Harm Young Sil Scholarship is a talent-based scholarship which can be awarded to students who possess talents which are showcased at Korean International that are related to the arts, sports or student leadership. It is open to all year groups. One scholarship is awarded for each area of fine arts, performing arts, sports, and student leadership.

Each recipient is awarded 10,000 HKD.

The deadline for applying for the Harm Young Sil Scholarship is December 17.

Donor: Mr. Lee, Nae Kun

The Lee Nae Kun Scholarship is open to Year 13 graduates who studied at Korean International School for a minimum of two academic years and plan to study at either Hong Kong University (HKU), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), or Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).

The awarded amount is based on the number of successful applicants. The maximum amount awarded is 20,000 HKD per recipient.

The deadline for applying for the Lee Nae Kun Scholarship is June 1.

Online Scholarship Application

After reviewing the information above, interested applicants must complete the online scholarship application. The students should apply by the date of the deadline for each scholarship provided above. The online scholarship applications are available below.

Offer Process and NotificationAll scholarships are awarded based on the decision of the scholarship committee, and the details of the committee’s deliberations are confidential and the decision is final. Students and their families will be advised in writing of the outcome of their applications.

Successful applicants will be advised in writing of the terms and conditions of the scholarship. At the time of accepting the offer they must accept the conditions of the scholarship and agree to provide relevant personal information to enable KIS to assess eligibility when necessary.
Award DisbursementYear 13 graduates will receive a check for their awarded amount to be applied to their first term fees at their university.

The MTS Scholarship and Park Hee Bong Scholarship are awarded at the end of the academic year and are applied to the first tuition payments for the following academic year. The Harm Young Sil Scholarship Is applied to the Term 2 tuition payments for the current academic year.
Expectations of Scholarship RecipientsIt is compulsory for recipients to be active participants in the KIS community through the end of Year 13. Scholarship students are expected to follow the KIS code of conduct, as well as continue to demonstrate themselves as leaders within and outside the school. There are also academic standards expected of some scholarship students, which are outlined in the descriptions of each scholarship type above.
Scholarship CommitteeThe KIS Scholarship Committee consists of the Principal, the Head of Secondary, two deputy headteachers, the Head of Sixth Form and the accounts manager.

The Scholarship Committee is exploring additional scholarship opportunities for our students.