All parents of KIS students are automatically members of the IPTA. The IPTA is represented by a diverse committee of parents who act as a link between parents, students and the school. Our objectives are to

  • Raise funds to buy items of real benefit to the school and children that would not normally be covered by school fees
  • Engage in activities that support the school
  • Organise and fund fun events for students throughout the year
  • Christmas Concert (Refreshments for Parents and Primary Students)
  • Sport Day (Fruit and Medals)
  • Secondary Dance Night
  • Swimming Gala (Medals)
  • Bake Sale
  • Second-uniform sale
  • Coffee Morning with Therms
  • Secondary Graduation Dinner (Money Sponsor)
  • International Day
  • Supporting school initiatives
  • Books for Everybody
  • Youth Program working with the Student Council
  • Awards and prizes for students’ achievements

Each school year an IPTA Committee is elected with approximately 6 representatives from parents and 3 from school. The election takes place in an IPTA General Meeting, where all parents are invited to attend. Over the past years, General Meetings were held once a year.

The IPTA Committee meets regularly, and each meeting’s agenda and minutes will be posted on the school website.

The IPTA has representation (one vote) at the Management Committee meetings in school that determine overall school policy and planning. The Committee meetings are held approximately 4 times a year. Final decisions are however made at the Board level and the IPTA does not attend these meetings.

IPTA Committee have good communication with representatives of the Student Council (Head Boy and Head Girl).

In order to facilitate the running of the International Section IPTA, ALL parents are expected to pay an annual membership fee, which is: HK$400 for the first child, HK$200 for the second child, and free of charge from the third child. The IPTA fee is not refundable.

The annual membership fees allow the IPTA to support or sponsor activities such as:

  • Awards and prizes for students’ achievements
  • Refreshments at important school events such as the Christmas Concert, the Spring Gala and the Graduation Ceremony
  • Fruits and water on Sports Day
  • Sponsorship of new books for the school library

The IPTA needs your help and support to enhance our children’s learning experience at KIS. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to pta@kis.edu.hk.

The payment form can be found on the Newsletters & Forms page.