KIS provides learning opportunities beyond the school, both locally and globally, to enhance students’ learning. Students develop a greater sense of international mindedness and social responsibility through these activities

  • Camps
  • Environmental Groups
  • Field Trips
  • House Days
  • Theatre Activities
  • Model United Nations
  • Musical Groups and Competitions
  • Project Week TRIPS
  • Regional and International Competitions
  • Science Groups and Competitions
  • Speech Festivals
  • Sport Teams and Competitions
  • Swimming Galas

It is a traditional feature in British schools which exists to provide pastoral care and healthy competition between the students of each four houses.
The word “house” refers to a grouping of students.

Student Council / Student Voice
I believe that our students can offer a unique insight into the life of our school. There is a clear need to engage in regular dialogue with the students ensuring that they reflect on areas of real significance.

The Student Council is a forum for students to demonstrate their Active Citizenship and willingness to perform school community service.

  • Reflects the culture of the school: “everyone contributing”.
  • Students actively participate in decision-making throughout the school.
  • Students engage in meaningful discussions with their peers representing these views to Staff.
  • Each class holds its own selection process for the representatives who hold the position for about six weeks.
  • The Council is a representative body of children across most of the Primary years and Secondary with two representatives from each class.
  • Children learn how to be active contributors to class, community and society.

Council Meets 1 x 3 Weeks

Elections Held 1 x 6 Weeks

There is no set agenda, representatives raise their class issues / concerns / opinions. Brainstorming an idea / issue

There will be some points to discuss:

  • Good things happening around our school
  • Not so good things happening around our school

Discussion points, actions etc. are recorded by the Principal Head of Council. Some points are recorded in the Reps diary for referral back to their class.

The main points of the meeting are worked through in an assembly with the representatives contributing.
Class representatives feedback to their class and go through the Reps diary for referral back to class.

Any Primary student may stand for election for a 6 week ‘term’.
Each student has to persuade their class that they are the best candidate.
Each Primary class elects two reps. / votes from list of nominees.
Year 2 have ‘TWO guest councilors from the whole class on a rotational basis giving all children the chance to be involved.

Elected by peers
Represent class in meeting with Principal and get class views discussed and recorded
Represent Student Council in; Assembly

Introduction of a Head Boy/girl leadership position – What is the ROLE OF THE HEAD BOY AND HEAD GIRL?

  • To be the leaders and spokesperson of the KIS student body, setting standards and tone for that body.
  • To jointly chair the Student Council with the Principal providing an appropriate level of leadership, and ensuring open and active communication between the Year 12/13 student body, the School Administration, and the Student Council.
  • To make a significant contribution to School Assemblies and to the Graduation Ceremony.
  • To chair the Graduation Committee, with responsibility for arranging the Graduation Dinner (with advice and assistance from the School Administration where appropriate).
  • To assist the faculty members responsible (Assistant Principal /Year 13 form tutor) in ensuring the smooth running of the Senior Student Body and with the maintenance of high standards of Senior Student conduct.
  • To contribute to the welcoming of parents, guests and visitors to KIS, and to act as the representatives of KIS students at external events, as deemed appropriate by the School Administration.

KIS is pleased to announce the launch of our new Counselling Department in 2020-2021. Our counselling team is highly experienced in working with children who present a range of social, emotional, behavioural, and/or developmental issues. KIS encourages families to view counselling as an additional resource that is provided, should they need extra support. The counselling team values privacy and confidentiality as an important part of the counselling process, with student safety and well-being being our utmost priority.

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