In today’s global world, the opportunity that technology provides in teaching and learning is massive. We recognize the potential of using these digital devices for teaching and learning and prepare our students to be confident and responsible users of digital technologies in their learning process. We provide them with a wide range of learning resources, tools, applications that can be integrated across curriculum. We make students use different types of technologies like chrome books, laptops, Interactive White board, digital camera etc. in their classrooms to promote students creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication as they engaged in new learning across different school subjects.

The International section at KIS, has introduced different ways of using technology in classroom at all levels, in addition to computer, as a subject for learning.

The primary classes from Reception to Year 6 and Springboard Primary have one ICT lesson per week in the Information and Technology Learning Center (ITLC) classroom. Students learn how to use various technology skills based on the British curriculum for ICT.

In regular classrooms, Reception uses iPads, Year 1 to Year 5 and Springboard Primary students uses Chromebooks provided by school. The Year 6 students bring their BYOD devices to class (beginning from 2021-22 school year).

The secondary students follow the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program recommended by school. This is a compulsory program, for all students in Year 6 to Year 13, Springboard (SB) secondary and SB-Post16. Student BYOD devices are configured for security and equipped with software required for student learning inside and outside school. Students are only allowed to carry their BYOD device to school and no external devices are allowed in school.

1-to-1 Device Program recommended by school
For more details of the program, please click the below link.

1-to-1 Device Program Details…

BYOD Information

G Suite for Education / Google apps for Education
The school uses G Suite for Education as a communication and collaboration tool for Primary and Secondary students in classrooms. G Suite collaboration tools make it possible for students to work together in a digital environment on assignments and projects using Google classrooms and its associated apps. In addition, there are various online educational apps that are useful for students learning that can be accessed through a web browser via the school WIFII network.