Our school firmly believes in holistic education, a healthy balance between academics and interests, along with various experiences to develop from; all of which are evident within the scope of our school sports program. Our team of dedicated, experienced and qualified individuals are here to offer and support the different activities that contribute towards a variety of sports and activities that will not only keep your child active but also enhance their overall well-being. These programs are fulfilling and enjoyable for our students, teachers and administrators. At the moment, we are working towards our post-COVID goal; having all students participate in one or more sports.

Our goal is to promote skill development, healthy habits, and physical literacy, while also providing opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. Join us as we delve into a variety of sports and activities that will not only keep your child active but also enhance their overall well-being.

PE Team:

  • Mr Lawrence Haywood (HOD Secondary)
  • Mr Jay Sajo (HOD Primary)
  • Ms Ivana Zdravkovic (PE Teacher)

The PE department and students of KIS have developed “PE Commitments” that we make to each other that we promise to try and achieve every PE Lesson.

  1. Be safe
  2. To be ready to learn
  3. Be respectful to yourself, others and the environment around you.
  4. To always try your best and have fun!

This comprehensive Physical Education (PE) Policy is designed for the students of Korean International School. The policy aims to promote an active, healthy lifestyle by providing a diverse and engaging PE curriculum that fosters physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Formative assessment is an ongoing process that is conducted from lesson to lesson through observations during activities, whilst the summative assessment is used at the end of each unit against a rubric in order to help feedback performance at home.

1. Assessment criteria will include skill development, effort, improvement, teamwork, sportsmanship, and participation.

2. Feedback will be provided to students in the form of verbal comments, written evaluations, and parent-teacher conferences.

3. The PE department will regularly review and evaluate the effectiveness of the PE curriculum and make necessary adjustments to ensure it meets the needs and interests of the students

  • Sports Day at KIS is a thrilling event that unites students, teachers, and parents in a day of friendly competition and team spirit. With a wide range of sports activities, it promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. The atmosphere is electric, filled with cheers and support from everyone involved. It’s a day that creates lasting memories and celebrates the power of sports to inspire and bring people together.
  • The Swimming Gala at KIS is a splash of excitement and determination as our young swimmers take to the pool. With colourful swim caps and goggles, they display their skills and showcase their love for swimming. The cheers from the sidelines fuel their energy as they race against their classmates, striving for personal bests and team victories. The Swim Gala fosters a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition, teaching our students the importance of sportsmanship and perseverance. It’s a day filled with laughter, cheers, and the joy of swimming, creating memories that will last a lifetime.