Korean Programme

At KIS, students have the opportunity to study Korean from Reception to Year 11.

Class Options

Korean as a Second Language course is offered for native Korean speaking students. This class incorporates a well-balanced curriculum which mirrors the Korean education system.

Korean as a Foreign Language course is offered for non-native Korean speaking students. Reception to Year 2 students learn Korean through a fun and interactive class once a week. Year 6 students have the option to take Korean as a Foreign Language four times a week.

Secondary School Students
Students will be assigned to either a First or Foreign Language Korean class. Year 11 students can register for the IGCSE Korean as a First Language examination.

Korean as a first and second language textbooks are primarily published by the Korean Education Department. Korean as a foreign language course materials are published by the Language Education Institute (Seoul National University and Sogang University Press) and are selected to be relevant to the student’s background.

First and Second Korean language students are assessed by the student’s year, teacher observations and regular evaluations. Korean as a foreign language students are assessed by teacher observations and regular evaluations.

If you have any questions concerning Korean classes in the International Section at KIS, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lee Eun Hee, Sophia
Korean Language Teacher / International Section