Annual Tuition Fee Starting From HK$ 90,200

Application Fee
Application FeeHK $2,000

Note: Application Fee Waived – For Reception & Year 1

An application fee of HK$2,000 is an administrative fee that must be paid to initiate the application review and admission process. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The acceptance is based on student space availability during the student’s intended enrolment.

School Fees
2023/24 School YearAnnual Tuition Fee
ReceptionHK$ 90,200
PrimaryHK$ 114,100
SecondaryHK$ 127,200

Note: School fees are subject to an increase of 3.5% for the next academic year (2024/25) pending EDB review.

If you have three or more children who have successfully enrolled, the annual tuition fee for the third child and each child after that will be reduced by 50%.

Payment Term
Payment TermsReceptionPrimarySecondaryDue Date
MonthlyHK$ 9,020HK$ 11,410HK$ 12,72025th of each month
1st (Sep – Dec)HK$ 36,080HK$ 45,640HK$ 50,880Aug. 25
2nd (Jan – Mar)HK$ 27,060HK$ 34,230HK$ 38,160Dec. 27
3rd (Apr – Jun)HK$ 27,060HK$ 34,230HK$ 38,160Mar. 25
1. Registration

Registration will only be completed after the school has received the first monthly or termly school fee by the due date on the invoice. Applicants with late payments will be placed on a waiting list if the class is full. The first month of school fee is non-refundable if the applicant does not attend the school.

2. Payment

Payment must be paid monthly or per term on or before the due date.

3. Other Costs

Other education-related costs on top of tuition may include but are not limited to School uniforms, camp, some field trips and student activities, lunches (optional), school buses (optional), some educational resources & materials and a laptop purchase program.

Payment Method
1. By Cheque

All cheques should be made payable to “Korean International School” and mailed to;

Ms. Raina Yun
General Office
Korean International School
55 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, H.K

2. By Monthly Auto Payment System

Parents who choose to pay school fees in monthly instalments may apply for the Auto Payment System. Please fill in and return the “Direct Debit Authorisation Form” to the General Office. (Direct Debit Authorisation Forms are available from the General Office.)

3. School Fees Receipts

All School Fees Receipt will be issued to Parents under the name of “Korean International School” by mail.


  1. Parents are held responsible for the payment of school fees regardless the fees are paid by their employer or by any other third party.
  2. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if school fees are not paid.
  3. All fees are reviewed annually and payable in Hong Kong Dollars.
  4. The school does not accept school fees payment by Cash or Credit Card.

If you have any queries, please contact Ms. Raina Yun from the General Office at 2569 5500.