If children can fall in love with the ocean, from an early age, they will fight to protect it. The mission of The Grand Blue Project is to inspire young people to become heroes for the ocean; to do their part to protect and preserve it. This mission is an urgent one because as Dr. Silvia Earle reminds us, “If the ocean dies, we die!”  

Mr Edi Frommenwiler – Grand Blue Project

We were honoured to host Mr. Edi Frommenwiler from the esteemed Grand Blue Project on Wednesday 13th March 2024, who shared his wealth of knowledge on our oceans with our Primary students. With over three decades of dedicated marine research, the Grand Blue Project provided real insights into the diverse ocean life and habitats that grace our planet. From enchanting seahorses to newly unearthed whale species, students were captivated by the myriad of creatures that call our oceans home. The talk not only shed light on the importance of preserving these precious organisms but also emphasized crucial topics such as recycling, minimizing plastic usage in daily routines, and combating ocean waste. Students left inspired and empowered to make a positive impact on our marine ecosystems, thanks to this enlightening session.

Parents and students have a wonderful opportunity to engage with the Grand Blue Project (1-week free trial), serving as a portal to ocean education, and granting access to a diverse range of media and research resources. This platform offers an exceptional avenue for in-depth exploration of marine life and their habitats.

The Grand Blue Project: An Engaging Educational Resource

The Grand Blue Project website HERE is an excellent teaching resource that aligns directly with Science Units of Inquiry across grade levels. Here’s a closer look:

Accessing the Grand Blue Project

To explore the Grand Blue Project, you can use the following login details:

Subscription Offer for 2024-2025

For the upcoming academic year (2024-2025), the Grand Blue Project is offering a discounted subscription rate. The regular parent subscription of USD50 per child has been reduced to USD25 per child for the entire year. This subscription also includes free access for teachers.

Supporting Ocean Protection Programs

The Grand Blue Project has committed to donating 10% of all proceeds to Ocean Protection Programs. This means that by engaging with the program and learning about the wonders of the ocean, KIS students will be actively contributing to the conservation and protection of our marine environments. Overall, the Grand Blue Project website is a valuable educational resource that seamlessly integrates with Science Units of Inquiry, providing students with an engaging and impactful learning experience while supporting important ocean conservation efforts.

For more information, please follow their Instagram @grandblueproject and visit their website: https://grandblueproject.com/

We would like to say a big thank you to Edi and the Grand Blue Project!