Junior Explorers
An after-school social group for selected Year 3-4 students, where students will be able to further learn to deal with unexpected outcomes and conflicts, to learn to work better as a team, share, and build healthy friendships; as well as, to learn to develop and practice perspective-taking.

Leaders and Buddies: Paired Buddy Sessions!
Primary 6 students are trained as leaders, and they learn about helping others and their own strengths. They are then paired with Primary 2 students to help take care of them while enjoying fun and interactive activities.

Thrive: Enhancing Social Interaction During Our Teenage Years and Beyond for Y7 – Y8 Boys

An Interpersonal skills group for Y7-8 boys using positive psychology to help facilitate emotional regulation skills and explore the dynamics within friendship

Fun Time!

A well-being program for all Year 1 students, meeting during Activity Time on Thursdays, with the aim to enhance students’ self-confidence, learn and talk about emotions, improve communication skills, have fun, and build new bonds of friendship.