Message from Chairman Of Board of Directors

 “Compassion and empathy, along with a love for learning, is an objectives KIS strives to achieve in our students”

CHO, Sung Keon, Chairman, Board of Directors

From just 6 students in 1960, the Korean International School (KIS) has grown to 800 students today. KIS has become not only a learning ground for Korean students, but a school of social diversity and inclusion with an international body of students from other 23 different countries and backgrounds.

We live in extraordinary times, whilst the world battles a pandemic, Hong Kong faces more social division than ever. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment at KIS, where students learn the power of diversity and collaboration. This way, KIS hopes to empower the leaders of tomorrow, who could grow together and contribute meaningfully to global communities.

We prioritize a conducive environment in which students from all backgrounds come together to think independently and creatively. Compassion and empathy, along with a love for learning, is an objectives KIS strives to achieve in our students. Enabling a high standard of co-curricular activities is a key focus to encourage students to further engage personal interests and build bonds with peers, which cultivate lifetime relationships.

We are grateful to the Hong Kong government for giving us the opportunity to provide international education in HK, as well as the Korean government for their continuing support. We would also like to thank all members of the KIS community, from students, parents, teachers and staff, as well as leading Korean community representatives for their steadfast support over the years, and look forward to working with all for many more years to come.

CHO, Sung Keon
Chairman, Board of Directors
Korean International School