Springboard Year-End Presentation & Music Therapy Workshop

Springboard Year-End Presentations – We are excited to re-introduce our year-end student-led presentations (after a long hiatus!) on Friday 26 May 2023 . These presentations were based on a subject area of each student’s choice (such as Science or Social Studies) and took place in the respective Springboard classrooms. Our students have been working hard to prepare for the presentations and should be very proud to showcase their learning! Well done!

We were delighted to welcome Music Therapist Ms Vivian Chan, as part of a Springboard collaboration with Hong Kong Generations Next Arts Limited (HKGNA) to offer a Music Therapy Workshop to the Springboard Community. We were also excited to welcome to the workshop, internationally acclaimed pianist, educator and ambassador for the arts, Ms Michelle Kim, KIS Chairman, Mr Cho, Sung Keon, International Section Principal, Mr Chadwick, and Korean Section Principal, Mr Shin.

This workshop provided attendees with a brief overview of music therapy and the benefits it offers to various populations, particularly children with special needs and adolescents with emotional, social, and relational challenges. Attendees were able to learn and engage in fun and interactive musical activities to experience music as a means of self-expression, communication, and bonding with others.