The Schoolzine KIS app will allow the school to send instant notifications and emails to keep you informed about important school news and events:

  • Instant Notifications: With Schoolzine KIS, you will receive instant notifications on your mobile device whenever there is important news or updates from the school.
  • Emails: In addition to notifications, we will also be sending emails through the Schoolzine KIS app to keep you informed about school events and activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Schoolzine KIS app, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Department:

Apple Devices:

On your device, open the App Store.

Search the App Store for SZapp.

Download and install SZapp

Android Devices:

On your device, open the Play Store.

Search the Play Store for SZapp.

Download and install SZapp

2.1. Select Region

2.2. Search for “Korean”

2.3. Enter PassCode ‘0317’ & press ‘Subscribe’

3.1. Click “Signup Here!” at the bottom

3.2. Fill in your information & click “Signup”

3.3. Confirming your Email Address

3.4. Upon completion, a confirmation will be shown.

4.1. Select which group(s) you would like to receive notifications from.

5.1. ‘Home’ Tab

The ‘Home’ tab displays the most recent news item and links to important school information.

5.2. ‘Feed’ Tab

The Feed tab shows a summary view of all news items to which you have subscribed.

5.3. ‘Manage’ Tab

The Manage tab allows you to customise what information shows in your news feed and what push notifications you will receive.