Scholarship Award Ceremony

We hosted ‘The Park Hee Bong Scholarship’ and ‘The Harm Young Sil Scholarship’ Award Ceremony at The Heritage Centre, on 22 May 2023. 

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded The Park Hee Bong Scholarship:

  • Korean Section: 김 채 린( Kim Chae Rin) – G11, 박 재 연( Park Jae Yeon)- G12 and 서 연 우(Seo Yeon Woo) – G12
  • International Section: Tong Sum To Crystal – Y12, and Yau Long Wai Ambrose – Y12

The Park Hee Bong Scholarship is awarded to two students from either Year 11 or 12 who have studied at Korean International School for a minimum of one academic year and achieved outstanding results on external examinations. These include GCSE, IGCSE and AS Level examinations.

We would like to also congratulate the following students who were awarded The Harm Young Sil Scholarship.

  • Korean Section: 김사랑(Kim Sarang) – KG6, 박진석(Park Jin Seok) – KG9, 최지안(Choi Ji An) – KG10, 김진서(Kim Jin Seo) – KG10 and 허정민 (Heo Jeong Min) – KG12
  • International Section: Mak Ka Chai Theodore – Y10, Liu Cyrus C L – Y10, Reddy Oliver James – Y13, and Yiu Yue Mong – Y13.

The Harm Young Sil Scholarship is a talent-based scholarship which can be awarded to students who possess talents which are showcased at Korean International that are related to the arts, sports or student leadership. It is open to all year groups. One scholarship is awarded for each area of fine arts, performing arts, sports, and student leadership.