International Section (KIS-IS) Photo and Video Policy

Taking photographs or videos at KIS-IS

  1. KIS-IS staff or photographers/videographers hired by KIS-IS, may use cameras and videos for school related activities like sports, assemblies, school events, school trips, celebrations, during classes for technical feedback/assessment or for use in school promotional publications, online social media and school website.
  2. These images will not be passed onto third parties other than those appointed / authorized by the school. (E.g. Yearbook printing press).
  3. If parents do not wish us to use photos that include their child, please inform us in writing to the head teacher.
  4. For school publications, students must not be approached for interviews or photographed by parents/guardians/journalist/press while at school without the permission of the school authorities.
  5. KIS owns the copyright of all photos and videos footage taken at KIS organised classes or events.
  6. The school is equipped with CCTV cameras in the designated areas like school corridors, playground, tuck shop and rooftop.
  7. All parents and staff are requested to abide by the Photo and Video Policy of the school.

Parents/Guardians taking Photos or Videos
Parents will want to take photographs and videos of their child during school events, assemblies, sports & trips. At the same time, we also have an obligation to protect children from the inappropriate use of photographic images or videos.

Photo and Video Policy for Parents
We request that parents/guardians abide by the following rules to protect the welfare of the students in our school and to ensure the wishes of other parties are respected:

  • Parents/guardians wishing to take photos/videos should complete the “Photography /Videography Agreement Form” (see Below) and seek consent from the teacher or person in charge in advance
  • Parents/guardians who have completed the “Photography /Videography Agreement Form” may take photos/videos of their child at classes and events as long as the pictures are intended for family or private use and will not be used for sale
  • Parents/guardians taking photos/videos should be considerate of other people and in no way disrupt the flow of the session, lesson or event taking place
  • Parents/guardians should stop taking any photos or recording at the request of any staff member
  • Parents/guardians must agree to provide copies to us if requested
  • Parents/guardians will not be allowed to take photos/videos of any swimming events/classes conducted by school
  • Please avoid taking unnecessary close-ups of individual children other than your own child
  • Please stand away from the activity and not disrupt participants or spectators view
  • Please avoid taking any photos/videos which could cause embarrassment or distress
  • Avoid publishing and uploading images or video footage on the Internet
  • If you do publish or display any private pages on social media, images of any other children, other than own, should be avoided, or masked
  • Please be reminded that KIS-IS owns the copyright of all photos and video footage taken at school organised classes or events.

Photography /Videography Agreement Form