Campus Renovation Update – July 2023

The current cycle of campus renovations:

  • Back Playground – making steady progress (General office will follow up suggestions to improve the departure route for Primary students until the back playground is usable)
  • The Blue Area will be turned into a fabulous sports facility containing a flood-lit tennis and basketball court by September
  • The new basketball court has now been mapped out
  • The new state-of-the-art football pitch has been dedicated and presented to KIS by the Korean Woman Association (KWA).

New in-house renovations plans for the summer:

We are carrying out renovations and refurbishments to some IS classrooms and a makeover for the International Section (IS) and IT offices. The purpose is to improve our facilities for our administrative staff and use of space for our students.

  • The renovation of the IS Office (Room 101) is to accommodate the school secretaries, the new Marketing team, and the IT team. This will make space for room 102 into a classroom.
  • On the 2nd floor, we will create a new Principal’s office (Room 202) for Mr Daniel Hilton 
  • On the 7th floor, a room partition will be put in place to create 2 spaces for student use