Please take a moment to read the following Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS), which relates to the handling of personal data collected at any point by the Korean International School (“KIS”)

1. From time to time it is necessary for students (or their parents/guardians) and staff members to supply the KIS, with certain personal data for school administrative, academic, pastoral purposes and alumni activities.

2. Personal data of staff members, students and their parents/guardians will be handled by relevant KIS staff members and will be kept confidential. Such data will be kept by KIS indefinitely, however, if the data is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected/used, the data may be destroyed.

3. Staff members’ experience and/or teaching qualifications may be made available to relevant KIS stakeholders at the discretion of the school’s Principal or Department Head. (For example, on school websites [including but not limited to social media sites] or announcements of appointments in newsletters or emails.

4. KIS may also disclose some of the data to third parties such as agencies (including the Hong Kong government), service providers and contractors (whether within or outside Hong Kong) appointed by KIS to undertake some of its academic, pastoral, administrative and alumni functions.

5. KIS may use personal data (such as name and contact details) to send communications that are relevant to parents and students, including but not limited to newsletters, programmes, courses, seminars, lectures, conferences, events and extra-curricular activities and clubs of KIS, or selected third-party service providers. 

6. Apart from the parties listed above, KIS will not disclose any personal data to any external bodies or organisations unless:

(a) such disclosure is expressly provided for under this Statement;

(b) permitted to do so by the student or his/her parent/guardian; and/or

(c) permitted or required by law

7. Personal data may be stored in the KIS database systems and online portals and any such personal data provided will form part of the staff member or the student’s official records (as relevant) at KIS.

8. KIS may provide such data to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), for inclusion in the PTA directory and other PTA activities. If you do not wish your details to be included in the PTA directory, please inform the relevant KIS

9. KIS may place staff members’ and students’ photos, names or school work, activities and accomplishments in KIS publications, and websites (including but not limited to social media sites) used by KIS for organisational purposes.

10. Failure to provide the data requested may result in KIS being unable to proceed with the purpose for which such data was requested.

11. Data subjects may submit a signed, written request to the Principal to access or correct personal data held by KIS. KIS shall levy a charge for accessing the information.

Updated 2023-09-11