Park Byung Won & Lee Nae Kun Scholarship Award Ceremony 2023

Exciting news! The Park Byung Won and Lee Nae Kun Scholarship Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday 7th November 2023 at the Heritage Center, and it was a celebration of academic excellence! The ceremony recognized the hard work and dedication of deserving students who received scholarships, and it was an opportunity for them to meet and interact with the donors. The event was graced by the presence of both Mr. Park Byung Won and Mr. Lee Nae Kun, who awarded the scholarships and certificates to the deserving students. 

Let’s give a round of applause to the Korean Section students who received the Park Byung Won Scholarship:

  • 김루아(Kim Rua) KG6,
  • 김주하(Kim Juha) – KG7,
  • 최지유(Choi Jiyu) – KG8,
  • 김건하(Kim Geonha) -KG9 

Congratulations also to the International Section students who received the Park Byung Won Scholarship:

  • JEON Ryan Jayoon – Year 7,
  • KANG Minjun (Leo) – Year 7,
  • PRASAD Amba – Year 8,
  • NAIR Vihaan Vinod – Year 8,
  • CHAI Max Thomas – Year 9,
  • SUNG Si Hyun (Kyle) – Year 9,
  • FOO Ka Hei Darius – Year 10,
  • KWONG Hoi Yam (Seven) – Year 10

But wait, there’s more! One lucky student received the Lee Nae Kun Scholarship (University Scholarship), and we want to give a huge congratulations to:

  • Lai Tsz Chun Alpha – Year 13 – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). 

The ceremony was a memorable occasion for all involved and a testament to the importance of supporting education and academic achievement. It was truly inspiring to see the donors and awardees come together to celebrate academic excellence.