Taekwondo Ceremony

We are thrilled to share that NRG Taekwondo Korea held a spectacular Taekwondo ceremony this morning! It was a momentous occasion where students and teachers showcased their dedication, discipline, and martial arts skills. In collaboration with NRG Taekwondo Korea, the Korean International School is proud to offer taekwondo lessons as part of its Physical Education curriculum

The talented teachers of NRG Taekwondo Korea captivated the audience with their awe-inspiring Taekwondo demonstrations. The students were treated to performances of powerful kicks to precise forms, which showed the culmination of hard work and training. 

We were honored to have Mr Daniel Hilton, the International Section Principal, Mr Shin, the Korean Section Principal, and the School Chairman Mr Cho, Sung Keon join us for the ceremony. Their presence added to the significance of the event and highlighted the importance of Taekwondo in our school community.

Find out more about Taekwondo at KIS here: https://www.kis.edu.hk/taekwondo-nrg-taekwondo-korea/