Milepost Scholarship Announcement

We were thrilled to announce an exciting new scholarship opportunity for our primary students on Friday 21 June! The Milepost Scholarship, sponsored by Project StEPS (Student Educational Progress Scholarship), was unveiled this morning in a special event.

Mr. Henry Fu, the generous founder of Project StEPS, joined us for a photo session to mark this momentous occasion. The charity, established by Mr. Fu, aims to recognize achievement and motivate students throughout their primary school journey.

We are proud to reveal that one outstanding student from each Milepost, selected from our Progress Award Winners, was awarded this prestigious scholarship at today’s Primary Graduation, and they were:

  • Milepost 1 – Lucie Olivares (Scholarship Amount: HKD$2000)
  • Milepost 2 – Gina Pang (Scholarship Amount: HKD$3000)
  • Milepost 3 – Alvin Young (Scholarship Amount: HKD$4000)

Well done Lucie, Gina and Alvin! This initiative promises to provide valuable educational support to our deserving young learners.

The enthusiasm was palpable as we shared this fantastic news with our primary students. We’re confident that the Milepost Scholarship will inspire and encourage academic excellence in our school community for years to come! Thank you Mr Fu for your generosity and support of our students!