KIS Newsletter – May 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians, and KIS Community,

How time flies, it is hard to believe that June is just around the corner. 

Our Primary and Secondary Sports Days were a resounding success! Students displayed incredible sportsmanship and athletic prowess across various track and field events. The spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie filled the air as we cheered on our young athletes. Congratulations to all participants!5 

The Primary and Secondary Art Weeks allowed our students’ creativity to truly shine. The school corridors and classrooms were transformed into vibrant galleries, showcasing breathtaking artworks in various mediums. Our young artists left us in awe with their remarkable skills and unique perspectives.

We are immensely proud of our many students who are dedicating countless hours to preparing for internal and public examinations. Our faculty continue to provide unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement throughout the process. We look forward to the results for the public examinations and to the deep learning that can be had on reviewing performance in internal examinations.

Congratulations to all our students, and thank you to our faculty, staff, and parents for their continued support in nurturing the talents and potential of our exceptional student body as we move into the final month of learning before the summer break.

Daniel Hilton

Principal (International Section)

Important Notices:

(1) Tuition Fee Update – Academic Year 2024-25

We would like to announce that the Education Bureau (EDB) has approved the revised tuition fees for the upcoming Academic Year 2024-25.

For more information, please refer to the letter HERE.

(2) Veracross – Student Information System

In today’s world, technology advances at a breakneck pace. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen immense progress, and the rate of change keeps accelerating. At KIS, we continually assess our position relative to these developments and look ahead to stay on the cutting edge.

After an extensive evaluation, KIS has decided to adopt Veracross as our new student information system (SIS) starting next academic year. Our current SIS, Engage, no longer meets our high standards.

Veracross is a robust platform with comprehensive modules tailored for international schools. Several prestigious schools in Hong Kong already use it successfully. We believe Veracross will provide our community with improved visibility into student progress and better means to connect.

For this academic year, final report cards will still be issued through Engage. In the coming weeks, you’ll receive Veracross login credentials. Starting in August, Veracross will become our primary platform.

We’re excited about this positive change benefiting our entire school community. Thank you for your attention and support during this transition.

For more information, please refer to the letter HERE.

(3) Uniform Order Shop On-Site

We are pleased to announce that Uniform Power will have a Uniform Order Shop on campus on the following dates and times:

  • 24/6: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • 25/6: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • 26/6: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Parents can use the following payment methods during on-site ordering:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Pick up at the retail shop after 20/7
Alternative Ordering Options

In addition to the on-site ordering dates, parents can opt to order the uniforms through the following methods:

  1. GRWTH Apps
    • Parents need to install the GRWTH Apps
    • Scan the respective QR Codes for IS and KS
  2. Personal Visit to the Shop
    • Visit the retail shop at Lai Chi Kok

Parents can review the app usage and registration process by watching the following YouTube video HERE

(4) E-Student Grant

Starting from 2024/25 school year, the Education Bureau (EDB) will be extending the use of e-submission of applications to all types of schools, and parents are highly encouraged to utilise this convenient platform to submit online applications for the student grant.

Benefits of e-submission compared to paper-based applications?

  1. Easier form filling
  2. Faster receipt of the grant
  3. More environmentally friendly
  4. Clearer knowledge of application status

For more information, please refer to the letter HERE.

Harm Young Sil Scholarship Awards

Congratulations were in order on Friday 24 May, at the Heritage Center ceremony, where the following outstanding students were awarded the prestigious Harm Young Sil Scholarship:

Korean Section: KIM,YENA (KG6), CHOI, JI YU (KG9), PARK, JUSEONG (KG10), PARK, JIN SEOK (KG10), and KIM, JIN SEO (KG11). 

International Section: SIN, PAK LONG (Y11), CHEUNG, MING LONG ISAAC (Y12), POON, HEI YI VOSHON (Y12), and HO, YU SUM JASMINE (Y13)

In the ceremony, we were joined by the School Chairman, Mr Tak, the Korean Section Principal Mr Shin, the International Section, Mr Hilton and members of the School Board.

We applaud these remarkable individuals and wish them continued success in their academic pursuits and future endeavours.

Buddy Reading Programme

The Power of Reading Together with Our Buddy Reading Programme!

Our students experienced the joy of shared reading and unlocked a world of benefits through our transformative Buddy Reading Programme on Friday 3 May 2024. By connecting with like-minded book lovers, they expanded their horizons, enhanced comprehension, stayed motivated, and formed lasting friendships. We empower our students with the magic of reading together!

Drum & Dance Workshop

Our Year 4 students were treated to an engaging drum and dance workshop led by the African Center Hong Kong and Ms Rosemary Van Heerden on Friday 3 May. The students were immersed in the rich cultural heritage of Africa, learning traditional rhythms and dance moves. It was a vibrant, interactive experience that encouraged creativity, focus, and self-expression.

A resounding success! Our students had a wonderful and unique opportunity to explore and understand different cultures through this meaningful and fun workshop. Thank you to the African Center Hong Kong and Ms Van Heerden for arranging these enriching activities for our students.

Sports Day 2024 – Secondary

What an incredible Secondary Sports Day on Tuesday 7 May, at Aberdeen Sports Ground! The energy, talent, and excitement of the athletes in action were awe-inspiring.

From the lightning-fast sprints to the gravity-defying jumps, we were treated to masterclass performances showcasing the students’ unwavering determination and physical prowess. The camaraderie and sportsmanship on display were truly heartwarming, as students cheered each other on and embodied the values of teamwork and House spirit. Truly an unforgettable day that left us inspired and captivated! Well done to all the students who participated. Big thank you to all the staff for their great support and help – in particular, Mr Lawerence Haywood and Mr Jay Sajo for their hard work organising this fantastic event!

Sports Day 2024 – Primary

Our Primary Sports Day was a true celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork, and community spirit, on Monday 13 May.

A massive shout-out to our dedicated parents and families who came out in full force to cheer on their little champions! Your unwavering support and encouragement added an extra spark to the event. Kudos to our incredible PE Department – Mr Sajo, Mr Haywood, Ms Ivana, Mr Murphy, and Mr Mico – for organizing an unforgettable day

The game stations were an absolute hit, allowing our young learners to showcase their collaborative, communicative, and thinking skills through engaging activities. Meanwhile, the field events provided a platform for our senior students to demonstrate their knowledge and skilful application.

All enjoyed and celebrated the races and tug-of-war events, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie. A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated teachers and admin staff for their hard work and enthusiasm, ensuring a fun, meaningful, and memorable experience for everyone.

Special shoutout to the amazing Mr. Blanco for being an exceptional emcee, facilitating the smooth running of the entire event.

Water Saving Week 2024 (13-17 May)

As part of the Water Saving Week this month, our primary students got creative to spread an important message – the need to save water for a sustainable future!

Our young artists designed captivating posters that raise awareness about water conservation as part of the Water Supplies Department’s “Save Water Today For A Sustainable Future” Competition from their Cherish Water Campus programme. From lush, water-abundant landscapes to innovative water-saving techniques, each poster powerfully expresses their commitment to protecting this precious resource.

Well done to all the students who entered! We’ve chosen a selection of the best and submitted them to the Water Supplies Department (some shown below)

Let’s all do our part to conserve water and build a greener tomorrow!

Art Week 2024 – Primary

As part of Primary Art Week (6-10 May), our students had the privilege to work with renowned artist Eleanor McColl to showcase their drawing and painting skills. The students contributed flowers and building artwork to the wood relief mural walls, now on display on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The Primary Art Week has been a remarkable showcase of our students’ boundless creativity, as they eloquently expressed their unique perspectives through drawing and colours. It has been a delight to witness their artistic prowess blossom, thanks to the guidance of accomplished artist Eleanor and the unwavering support of Ms Vianee Fernie, Mr Brian Chan, Ms Maria Catacutan, and the entire staff.

The week has been a testament to the power of art in education, providing our students with a platform to explore their creativity and develop their skills.

Art Week 2024 – Secondary

Coming off the heels of an incredible Primary Art Week last week, our Secondary students were treated to an immersive artistic experience this week as we kicked off Secondary Art Week (13-17 May). The highlight was undoubtedly the opportunity to work alongside renowned artist Eleanor McColl, whose vibrant creations and infectious passion left our young artists inspired and brimming with creativity. Through hands-on workshops and engaging discussions, Eleanor guided our students in exploring new techniques, including drawing and painting vibrant floral designs onto canvases.

A big thank you to Ms. Eva Bell Scott and Mr. Brian Chan for organising an exciting week of creativity for our secondary students.

Springboard Charity Fair

It was that time of year again! The annual Springboard Charity Fair took place on Thursday 23 May.

This year’s theme was “The Americas” and vibrant cultures from the two continents came alive with immersive experiences and game booths galore!

  • Creativity flowed at the “Catch dis Dream” art jam as students crafted their own dreamcatchers.
  • Skills were put to the test at “Throw the Lasso” with some wild west fun.
  • Excitement filled the air during “Piñata Time” as races ensued to grab the goodies!
  • With delicious food, refreshing drinks, and thrilling sports challenges, there was something for everyone to enjoy!

All proceeds will go towards therapy equipment and outings for our amazing Springboard students.

Big thank you to the Springboard Fair Committee and students who helped organise and support this brilliant event!

Taekwondo Promotional Tests

Witness the focus and skill of our students at the KIS Taekwondo promotional test that happened on the 20-24 May.

Students demonstrate the skills and techniques they’ve learned at these promotion tests or Belt tests. It shows their readiness to progress to the next level and new skills.

From kicks to forms, get inspired by their determination as they advance in rank. Congratulate our young martial artists on their well-deserved promotions! And a big thank you to the NRG Taekwondo Korea team

Check out these action photos showcasing their hard work and mastery.

Week of Code

From 27-31 May, our Primary students had a blast exploring the exciting world of coding through hands-on activities! During the Week of Code, these young minds got to experience the magic of technology in the most creative ways.

From ‘Play-Doh’ piano and making music with code, to programming robots to move to the first letter of their names, our little ones were fully immersed in the possibilities of coding.

It was an absolute delight to witness their curiosity and enthusiasm as they discovered how simple lines of code can bring their ideas to life. These engaging activities sparked their interest in technology and fostered their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

We’re thrilled to have provided our young students with this fantastic opportunity to learn about coding in a fun and interactive manner.

TKD Demonstration For IS & KS

The Primary students of the Korean and International Section were treated to an exhilarating taekwondo performance in the Gym on 30 May. The talented demonstration team from the Korean Taekwondo Association Hong Kong (KTAHK) and NRG Taekwondo Korea, dazzled the audience with their impressive kicks, strikes, and forms. Taekwondo is offered from Reception onwards at KIS where our students recently had their belt promotion tests – many of which have been promoted to the next belt level.

The performers displayed remarkable skill, power, and discipline by breaking boards with precise techniques. The students watched in awe, captivated by the high-flying kicks and the resounding cracks of the breaking boards.

But the real highlight was when a few brave students were invited onto the mat to try some basic taekwondo moves under the guidance of the instructors. Their enthusiasm and efforts brought cheers and applause from their classmates.

It was an unforgettable experience that sparked my interest in the Korean martial art. After witnessing such an inspiring performance, we may have some future taekwondo champions among the Primary students! Thank you to the Korean Taekwondo Association Hong Kong (KTAHK), Mr No from NRG Taekwondo Korea for this fantastic performance!

Year 3 Exit Point Exhibition

On 31 May, the Year 3 students transported us back in time with their mesmerising Temples and Tombs Exit Point Exhibition. Weeks of dedicated research and hard work they have culminated in a spectacular showcase of ancient Egyptian wonders in the Gym.

From meticulously crafted tomb dioramas to awe-inspiring pyramid replicas, the students’ creations were a testament to their unwavering commitment. They enthusiastically shared their in-depth knowledge of mummification rituals, farming practices, and the architectural marvels that have stood the test of time.

Parents and Year 2 and 5 students were captivated as they wandered through the immersive exhibition, marvelling at the depth of understanding and creativity on display. The students’ infectious enthusiasm brought the ancient world to life before our very eyes.

But the highlights didn’t stop there! The Year 3 students treated us to an enchanting Egyptian dance performance, gracefully reenacting the movements and traditions of this fascinating civilisation. Their vibrant nemes and synchronised steps left the audience spellbound.

Congratulations to all the Year 3 students and their dedicated teachers and TAs for this phenomenal achievement, particularly Mr Edwin Seo, Ms Zoe Teece, Mr Mark Porter, Ms Maria, Ms Kayle, and Ms Chanda! The Exit Point Exhibition was a resounding success, showcasing the incredible learning journey!

University Application 2024 – Update

We’re thrilled that our hardworking students have made impressive strides in their university applications this year! They have navigated the intricate process with dedication and perseverance, showcasing their unique talents and achievements.

Congratulations to all our Year 13s who have finished their exams!

Autism Awareness Week 2024 – Update

We’re overwhelmed by the incredible support from our community during Autism Awareness Week 2024! Your active participation and inspiring contributions made this event truly remarkable.

Thanks to your generosity, we raised an amazing HKD 6,790 for Love 21 Foundation, providing holistic support to individuals with autism and their families. Your contributions will positively impact their lives, offering resources and opportunities to reach their full potential.

The Autism Awareness T-Shirt Design Competition was a huge hit! We received numerous creative and inspiring entries, showcasing a deep understanding of autism awareness. Congratulations to Hayley Ng from Year 6S for her winning design! Her design will be printed on T-shirts for sale at $150HKD each.

Proceeds will go to the Love 21 Foundation. Scan the QR code or visit this link HERE

Graduation – 21 June 2024

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated graduation ceremony on June 21st! This year, both primary (morning) and secondary (afternoon) students will come together to commemorate their remarkable achievements and embark on new journeys.

The event promises to be a joyous occasion, filled with pride and excitement as we honor the hard work and dedication of our graduates. Families, friends, and educators will gather to witness the culmination of years of perseverance and growth.

As our Reception students bid farewell to their Primary years, they will be recognised for their academic accomplishments and the foundation they have built for future success when they enter Lower Primary (Year 1). In contrast, Year 6 will enter Secondary school.

Meanwhile, our secondary school graduates will be celebrated for their resilience, determination, and the invaluable lessons they have learned throughout their educational journey. Join us in applauding the Class of 2024 as they receive their well-deserved diplomas and prepare to embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead. This momentous occasion will undoubtedly be a cherished memory for all in attendance.

Summer School 2024

Korean International School (KIS) is once again running its fantastic Summer School Programme this year – open to both KIS and non-KIS students aged 5 or above.

With a wide range of programmes and courses, it is a brilliant chance to seize the summer and expand your horizons! This is also an opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be a student at KIS!

The deadline for registration is June 24, 2024

For more information visit our Summer School webpage HERE

My 13 Year Journey At Korean International School – Crystal Tong

Crystal Tong has been a student at Korean International School since Year 1, embarking on a 13-year journey that has shaped her into the person she is today. Over the years, she has witnessed the school’s growth, embraced its diverse cultures, forged lasting friendships, and created cherished memories.

For Crystal, the school has become a second home, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that has allowed her to thrive academically and personally. As she reflects on her time at the school, filled with gratitude for the opportunities and experiences it has provided, Crystal looks forward to the next chapter while knowing a part of her will always remain at Korean International School – the place she calls ‘home.’

(Video produced and directed by Ohpama)

Primary Student-Led News Broadcast

This initiative aims to inform our community about regular events, activities, and celebrations at our school.

  • 10 June – Public Holiday: Tuen Ng Festival
  • 14 June – Talent Show (Secondary)
  • 20 June – Swimming Competition
  • 21 June – Graduation (Primary & Secondary)
  • 24 June – Reports To Parents
  • 24-26 June – Uniform Power Order Shop On-site
  • 27 June – Annual Film Festival
  • 28 June – Term 3 Ends (Half Day School)
  • 1 July – Public Holiday: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
  • 2 July – 26 July – Summer School
  • 26 August – 2024-25 Academic Year Term 1 Begins

Parents, do you have a special highlight or achievement from your son or daughter that you would like to share with the KIS community? We would be delighted to celebrate their success!

We will gladly feature your child’s accomplishment on our official school channels.

Please email to :

  1. A short description and including your child’s class (2-3 sentences)
  2. Photo(s)

This is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the hard work, talents, and milestones of our amazing students. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your child’s story!

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