KIS Newsletter – March 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians, and KIS Community,

Welcome to our Newsletter! Let’s begin with a heartfelt reflection on the joyous celebration of our 30th Anniversary. We are proud and happy to have reached this significant milestone and extend our deepest gratitude to all who have supported us on this remarkable journey. The campus was abuzz with excitement on the 2nd of March as we came together to commemorate this special occasion. We express our sincere thanks to all community members who contributed to the success of the event. It was a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, delicious food, and meaningful reflections on our past achievements while eagerly anticipating the future.

As we transition into the Easter holiday season, we take this opportunity to wish everyone a joyous and restful holiday. May this time be filled with cherished moments spent with loved ones, creating lasting memories that warm the heart. We appreciate each one of you for being an integral part of our journey and eagerly anticipate the continued privilege of serving you in the years ahead.

Daniel Hilton

Principal (International Section)

30th Anniversary School Fair

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated and attended our 30th Anniversary Fair on Saturday 2nd March! We were thrilled to see so many of you at our event on Saturday, March 2nd, and each one of you played a vital role in making the day a resounding success. Our exceptional students, staff and parent volunteers deserve special recognition for their outstanding organization, active participation, and stellar performances. The remarkable teamwork, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail were truly inspiring. The seamless coordination and warm hospitality displayed by our staff, students and parent volunteers were nothing short of exceptional.

Your collective efforts not only strengthened our sense of community but also brought immense joy and excitement to the event!

Book Author Visits

This month, our campus was abuzz with excitement as we welcomed five esteemed authors as part of the ‘Young Readers Festival 2024’ to share their expertise in storytelling, character design, and brainstorming ideas. These workshops promised to ignite creativity, inspire imagination, and deepen our understanding of the craft of writing. Students and participants embarked on a journey of learning and discovery with these literary luminaries, letting their insights and experiences enrich their storytelling endeavours. They were inspired, challenged, and empowered as they delved into the art of crafting compelling narratives and bringing unforgettable characters to life. It was a time of creativity, collaboration, and growth as everyone embraced the wisdom and creativity of these five great authors – thank you to Ms Libby Lam, Ms. Jessixa Bagley, Mr. Dan Santat, Ms. Erica Lyons, and Ms. Dora Tsang.

Primary Curriculum Morning – Joystem

We warmly welcomed parents, staff and Principal Ms Tamsyn Ting Ting SY from Joystem International Nursery and Kindergarten to KIS on Monday 11th March! Parents had the opportunity to delve into our enriching Primary Curriculum led by Vice Principal and Head of Primary, Ms Grace Yen and engage in a thought-provoking Parent Workshop about “Effective and Positive Parenting” led by our exceptional Counselling Team – Ms Anson Lam, Ms Chloe Wong, and Mr Howey Chim. The day was further enriched as parents enjoyed an exclusive tour of our school, gaining valuable insights into our educational environment. It was a day filled with learning, connection, and excitement!

Thank you for coming Joystem Community! 

Exit Point 1 Exhibition

On Tuesday 12 March, there was a whirlwind of creativity and pride as we welcomed Reception, Year 1, and Year parents to the Early Years and Milepost 1 Exit Point Exhibition! Reception students delved into the ‘Imagine Me’ project, Year 1 brought ‘A Day in the Life’ to life, and Year 2 explored ‘Who Am I’. Parents were beaming with excitement and pride at their children’s incredible work and outcomes. What a fantastic showcase of talent and imagination at the gym! Thank you to all the parents who came and a big thank you also to all the great work from the students and teachers!

Grand Blue Project

We were honoured to host Mr. Edi Frommenwiler from the esteemed Grand Blue Project on Wednesday 13th March, who shared his wealth of knowledge on our oceans with our Primary students. With over three decades of dedicated marine research, the Grand Blue Project provided real insights into the diverse ocean life and habitats that grace our planet. From enchanting seahorses to newly unearthed whale species, students were captivated by the myriad of creatures that call our oceans home. The talk not only shed light on the importance of preserving these precious organisms but also emphasized crucial topics such as recycling, minimizing plastic usage in daily routines, and combating ocean waste. Students left inspired and empowered to make a positive impact on our marine ecosystems, thanks to this enlightening session.

Parents and students have a wonderful opportunity to engage with the Grand Blue Project (1-week free trial), serving as a portal to ocean education, and granting access to a diverse range of media and research resources. This platform offers an exceptional avenue for in-depth exploration of marine life and their habitats.

For more information, please follow their Instagram @grandblueproject and visit their website:

We would like to say a big thank you to Edi and the Grand Blue Project!

Secondary Dance Team Success

Our secondary dance team shone brightly at the Delia School of Canada (DSC) Invitational Dance competition “Beat the Beat,” on Wednesday 13th March 2024 – clinching 3rd place in the K-POP category! Our KIS TIGERS truly demonstrated passion, vision and action reflecting our school motto. We are honoured and proud to participate alongside other amazing dancers from CIS, ICHK, VSA, ISF, DCS and WIS. Congratulations to VSA and ISF for their astounding performance. An engaging and wonderful time was had by all. Special thanks to our amazing choreographer Joviene from Dance@Central for her guidance, Mr Jay Sajo for his coordination & arrangements and Ms. Grace Yen for her unwavering support. Let’s celebrate this incredible achievement together! Well done girls!

The Performance can be viewed here on our KIS Sports Instagram page:

Also thank you to DSC for the support for our students and for hosting this wonderful event.

Primary Student Leaders Workshop Ceremony

We had the pleasure of presenting our Primary Student Leaders with the prestigious Leadership pin-badges, thoughtfully crafted by our dedicated Counselling Team on Thursday 14 March. These badges were proudly worn as part of their uniform, symbolizing their unwavering commitment and support to our school community. We want to extend a heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional leaders for their tireless efforts in enriching the educational journey within our school and for their continuous support of their peers!

A special recognition goes out to the PLTA and PLTB members for their invaluable guidance throughout this journey. We also express our gratitude to Ms. Anson Lam, Mr. Howey Chim, and Ms. Chloe Wong for orchestrating an engaging leadership workshop before the ceremony. This workshop provided our Student Leaders with a platform to learn about and showcase the qualities and traits that define outstanding leadership.

Refugee Workshop

On Friday 15th March, we were thrilled to have the African Center Hong Kong back at KIS for an insightful workshop with our Year 6 students! Our students delved into the world of refugees in Hong Kong, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges and obstacles they encounter when starting anew. Thank you again to the African Center Hong Kong.

Annual Musical: Xanadu

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the students who participated and to all the staff who contributed to making this year’s Annual Musical event a resounding success, especially Mr. Steenkamp. Your dedication and hard work truly shone through in every aspect of the 3-day production which ran from 18th – 20th March.

We also want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who attended to watch this amazing musical. Your support and enthusiasm added to the magic of the evening, making it a memorable experience for all. Thank you for being a part of this special event and for celebrating the talents and efforts of our students and staff.

Can’t wait for next year’s musical!

Hong Kong Young Writers Awards (HKYWA)

Our Springboard students participated in the annual Hong Kong Young Writers Awards (HKYWA) writing competition on Wednesday 20th March. The theme for this year was ‘New Tales of China’s Inventions’, and we are pleased to share that several of our students’ cover art, fiction, and poetry entries have been shortlisted.

Congratulations to the winners from Poetry Group 7 – Mattea Choi, Damien Chor, and Darren Yeo from Springboard Secondary, and the winners from Fiction Group 7 – Adrian Lin and Adrienne Tang from Springboard Post-16.

We are immensely proud of all Springboard young artists and writers who participated in the competition. Well done to all our students!

Primary Maths Week

Maths Week (25-27 March) was an absolute hit! Our primary students immersed themselves in a week packed with exciting activities. From thrilling maths outdoor games to a challenging maths challenge held in both the library and gym, every moment was filled with learning and fun. Huge thanks to our incredible Primary Student Leaders and Mr. David Carter for orchestrating such a fantastic week of meaningful and engaging activities for all our primary students.

U11 Basketball Friendly

Our U11 boys basketball team had an epic showdown against Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School (CAPCL) on Tuesday 26 March! Starting with a 6-point deficit, our team’s determination and the incredible support from our students turned the game around, clinching a thrilling 22-24 victory! Both teams showcased skill and heart, making it a game to remember. Huge congratulations to our boys for their hard-earned win! Special thanks to Mr. Murphy Sy for his crucial role in organizing this event and thank you to CAPCL for being fantastic opponents in a tense match!

Let’s keep the spirit alive – GO TIGERS!

Exit Point 2 Exhibition

We extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to all the amazing Year 4 parents/guardians who graced us with their presence at the Year 4 Exit Point Exhibition for the IPC – Shake It unit! It was truly a joy to welcome parents into our school community, inviting them to immerse themselves in hands-on activities that allowed them to experience firsthand the remarkable learning journey their children embarked on during this unit. Your support and involvement made this event truly special, showcasing the power of collaboration between home and school in nurturing our young learners.

End of Term 2 Primary Assembly

Embracing the Easter spirit at our Primary Assembly on Thursday 28th March. Ms Grace Yen, Head of Primary, led our students through ‘The Great Eggscape,’ a heartwarming tale intertwining holiday joy with essential IPC Personal Learning Goals. Year 6 students showcased their nature-inspired art, a testament to their creativity and dedication. Farewell to Ms. K. Nambiar, with gratitude for her contributions, and a spectacular performance by the Primary Dance Crew marked the end of Term 2 in style!

March International School Fairs

We actively engaged in two prominent international school fairs in Admiralty on March 2nd, hosted by The Standard, and in Mong Kok on March 16th, organized by SCMP. These events served as valuable platforms for us to engage with potential parents and students, showcasing our curriculum and educational offerings. Noteworthy was Mr. Keith Lyons, Head of ICT and Innovative Learning in the Primary Section at Korean International School, who participated in a stimulating panel discussion on March 16th. The discussion centered on the theme of Fostering Digital and AI Literacy, underscoring the pivotal role of digital literacy in today’s rapidly evolving landscape and the significance of empowering students with essential skills to adeptly navigate the digital realm.

NXD Performance

NXD, the sensational upcoming K-pop boy group, is set to dazzle the audience with a special performance on campus on the 19th of April. Year 7-10 students are in for a treat as they will witness NXD’s stellar dance moves and captivating singing performances in the gym.

Follow our social media channels, further down in this newsletter to find out more soon!

Autism Week

Get ready for a week filled with compassion and understanding as we host our Autism Awareness Week and Assembly at KIS from April 15th to 19th, right after the Easter break. Let’s come together to celebrate and support individuals with autism, moving beyond mere awareness to genuine acceptance and appreciation within our school community.

Let’s spread kindness and understanding!

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  • 19th April – NXD Kpop Performance (Year 7-10 Students)
  • 22nd April – Study Leave Starts (Year 11 – Year 13)
  • 22nd – 26th April – Autism Awareness Week
  • 30th April – Primary Parent Coffee Morning
  • 1st May – Public Holiday: Labour Day

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