KIS Newsletter – June 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians, and KIS Community,

As we bid farewell to another academic year, it’s time to reflect on our extraordinary journey together. This year has been remarkable, marked by our 30th-anniversary celebration – a joyous occasion that brought our community together in the most wonderful way during the Fair back in March.

Our 30th anniversary celebrations were a resounding success, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to making it a memorable occasion. From the special events to the myriad of stalls and activities, it was a delight to witness our community come together to celebrate this significant milestone.

Academically, we have had another outstanding year. Our students continue to excel in their studies, with many achieving top grades and receiving offers from prestigious universities. We are proud of their accomplishments and the hard work they have put in. Academic progress at all ages is of utmost importance, and we have worked diligently to ensure that all students are progressing toward ambitious targets. Our faculty and staff have been focused on providing our students with the best possible education. The graduation events were particularly special as we celebrated the wonderful university offers our oldest students have secured. We also celebrated the successful transition of students from all year groups, including the exciting transition for Reception to Year 1 and Year 6 into Year 7.

Beyond academics, we have made significant strides in our extracurricular activities. Our sports teams have achieved numerous successes in various competitions and fixtures, showcasing their talent and determination. Our music and drama departments have also put on fantastic performances throughout the year, captivating audiences with the incredible talent of our students. As we look ahead to the future, we confidently expect to build upon our successes and achieve even greater heights. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone, students, parents, staff, and the entire community, for their unwavering hard work and dedication throughout this academic year. To our graduating students, we wish you all the best as you embark on the next exciting chapter of your lives.

Thank you for another wonderful year at our school, and here’s to many more! Wishing everyone a rejuvenating summer break filled with rest, relaxation, and cherished memories. While you enjoy this well-deserved break, our dedicated staff members are already busy preparing for the school’s reopening on Monday, August 26th. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you back for another year of growth, learning, and achievement. Have a fantastic summer, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Full End of Year Message can be viewed HERE

Daniel Hilton

Principal (International Section)

Important Notices:

(1) Tuition Fee Update – Academic Year 2024-25

We would like to announce that the Education Bureau (EDB) has approved the revised tuition fees for the upcoming Academic Year 2024-25.

For more information, please refer to the letter HERE.

(2) Veracross – Student Information System

In today’s world, technology advances at a breakneck pace. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen immense progress, and the rate of change keeps accelerating. At KIS, we continually assess our position relative to these developments and look ahead to stay on the cutting edge.

After an extensive evaluation, KIS has decided to adopt Veracross as our new student information system (SIS) starting next academic year. Our current SIS, Engage, no longer meets our high standards.

Veracross is a robust platform with comprehensive modules tailored for international schools. Several prestigious schools in Hong Kong already use it successfully. We believe Veracross will provide our community with improved visibility into student progress and better means to connect.

For this academic year, final report cards will still be issued through Engage. In the coming weeks, you’ll receive Veracross login credentials. Starting in August, Veracross will become our primary platform.

We’re excited about this positive change benefiting our entire school community. Thank you for your attention and support during this transition.

For more information, please refer to the letter HERE.

(3) E-Student Grant

Starting from 2024/25 school year, the Education Bureau (EDB) will be extending the use of e-submission of applications to all types of schools, and parents are highly encouraged to utilise this convenient platform to submit online applications for the student grant.

Benefits of e-submission compared to paper-based applications?

  1. Easier form filling
  2. Faster receipt of the grant
  3. More environmentally friendly
  4. Clearer knowledge of application status

For more information, please refer to the letter HERE.

(4) Lunch Enrollment For Aug / Sept 2024 & Chartwell Cutlery Set

Chartwells are excited to offer a wheat cutlery set to students and teachers who enroll for the entire first meal period of the new semester (e.g. lunch enrollment of more than 20 days for Aug & Sept period). This eco-friendly cutlery set is highly reusable and made from sustainable wheat material, helping to reduce the production of plastic and other harmful synthetic materials. 

Chartwell strongly encourage students to bring their own cutlery to school as part of our commitment to sustainable dining and reducing the use of disposable alternatives.

For lunch enrollment and lunch menu can be found HERE.

Special Robotics

We’re excited to share that Korean International School recently received a generous donation of 80 mBot robots! The robots were donated by Richard, a Year 11 student at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, as part of a social project.

In addition to the robot donation, Richard undertook a special 4-week robotics introduction course with our Year 5 students, alongside our ICT teacher Mr. Lyons. The students had their first engaging session on 6 June and across this month, they learnt key robotics and coding skills, including:

  • Programming the robots to move, turn, and navigate obstacles
  • Using block-based coding to control the robots’ actions
  • Sensor integration to enable the robots to detect objects and respond accordingly
  • Designing simple programs to make the robots perform specific tasks
  • Implementing basic algorithms to control robot behaviour
  • Basic troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques

We’re incredibly grateful to Richard for his generosity and commitment to enriching the learning experiences of our students and to Mr. Lyons for arranging this fantastic program! This robotics program is an exciting opportunity for our Year 5 students to develop valuable STEM skills and spark their interest in technology.

Year 3 African Cooking Workshop

Year 3 students had an absolute blast at the African Cooking Workshop hosted by the amazing team from Africa Center Hong Kong on Friday 7 June!

Our kids got to cook and taste some delicious African dishes and immersed themselves in the rich and vibrant African culture. It was a day filled with fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

A huge thank you to Africa Center Hong Kong, Year 3 teachers and Ms Van Heerden for making this possible. Our students loved every moment and walked away with new skills and a deeper appreciation for African traditions.

Springboard End-of-Year Presentations

We were thrilled to welcome parents and families to Springboard on 13 and 14 June for our annual End of Year Presentations. Our talented students showcased their hard work and achievements from the past year, through engaging projects and displays.

It was a joy to see the pride on their faces as they confidently shared what they had learned with loved ones. The presentations highlighted the diverse talents of our Springboard learners.

A huge thank you to our dedicated Springboard teaching team and staff who guided and supported the students throughout the year. And congratulations to all our students on a successful academic year! We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next.

Year 5 Exit Point Exhibition

Our gym was taken back in time to Ancient Greece on Friday 14 June for the Year 5 Exit Point Presentation and Performance of ‘ The Great, Bold, Brave Persephone.’ The talented students took the audience on an entertaining journey through the famous myth.

The young thespians captivated the crowd of proud parents with their enthusiastic acting, colourful costumes, and creative staging. The daring rescue of Persephone from the Underworld by her mother Demeter had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The hard work and dedication of the students truly paid off, as they flawlessly recounted the story through humorous dialogue and lively songs. Their confidence on stage was remarkable.

The performance and presentation of their work were a testament to our focus on our IPC goals and also our school’s commitment to arts education and creative expression. The Year 5 parents and teachers should be immensely proud of their students’ achievements in bringing this classic tale to life in such an engaging way. Big thank you to all the Year 5 students, teachers and TAs – it was a mythical morning to remember!

Talent Show – Secondary

The Secondary section talent show was amazing on Friday 14 June! The talent on display was truly incredible! Our talented students left us speechless, from breathtaking singing performances to mesmerising dance and awe-inspiring instrumentals. The stage came alive with their passion, skill, and dedication. Each act was a testament to the immense talent that thrives within our school community. We couldn’t be prouder of our students for their outstanding performances.

A big shoutout goes to all the students who poured their hearts into their acts, captivating the audience and leaving us in awe. Your hard work and commitment to your craft were evident in every moment on stage. Also a huge thanks to our students, teachers, and staff for making this talent show successful! Special shoutout to Mr. Edwards for organizing and coordinating the event. Your efforts are commendable!

Let’s give a round of applause to all the talented individuals who graced the stage. Your performances were a true reflection of your passion and talent.

Stop Motion Video

Our Year 3 students had the incredible opportunity to unleash their creativity through the art of stop-motion animation on Monday 17 June ! A huge thank you to our amazing ICT teacher, Mr. Lyons, for organising this fantastic program.

The classroom was buzzing with excitement as students collaborated, problem-solved, and let their imaginations run wild. It was truly inspiring to witness their enthusiasm and dedication throughout the process.

A round of applause for our talented Year 3 students and a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Lyons for providing this enriching experience. Do check out their amazing final masterpieces below:

Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage

Check out how our secondary school students immersed themselves in Chinese intangible cultural heritage after their exams on Wednesday 19 June.

Our Year 8 students had the opportunity to learn the art of brewing traditional Hong Kong-style silk stocking milk tea. After tasting this beloved local beverage, they developed a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship behind this time-honoured preparation method.

In another corner, our Year 9 students explored traditional scented pouches. They handcrafted their own sachets by mixing different aromatic ingredients like dried flowers, herbs, and spices to create unique fragrances. This hands-on experience not only enabled them to embrace Chinese cultural traditions but also unleashed their creativity, leaving behind a memorable fragrant impression.

A big thank you to Ms. Wang and the Chinese Department for organising these amazing activities.

Swim Gala – Secondary

The pool was buzzing with energy and excitement on Thursday 20 June, as each swimmer showcased their talents and gave their all in every race. Every moment was filled with thrill and anticipation, from freestyle to breaststroke to backstroke.

Let’s give a big shoutout to all our swimmers who participated in the Swim Gala. Your passion and sportsmanship are commendable! Also a big thank you to Mr. Haywood, the P.E. department, teachers, and all the staff involved for making this event a resounding success.

Be sure to check out the snapshots of the day and take a moment to celebrate the winners!

Milepost Scholarship Announcement

We were thrilled to announce an exciting new scholarship opportunity for our primary students on Friday 21 June! The Milepost Scholarship, sponsored by Project StEPS (Student Educational Progress Scholarship), was unveiled this morning in a special event.

Mr. Henry Fu, the generous founder of Project StEPS, joined us for a photo session to mark this momentous occasion. The charity, established by Mr. Fu, aims to recognize achievement and motivate students throughout their primary school journey.

We are proud to reveal that one outstanding student from each Milepost, selected from our Progress Award Winners, was awarded this prestigious scholarship at today’s Primary Graduation, and they were:

  • Milepost 1 – Lucie Olivares (Scholarship Amount: HKD$2000)
  • Milepost 2 – Gina Pang (Scholarship Amount: HKD$3000)
  • Milepost 3 – Alvin Young (Scholarship Amount: HKD$4000)

Well done Lucie, Gina and Alvin! This initiative promises to provide valuable educational support to our deserving young learners.

The enthusiasm was palpable as we shared this fantastic news with our primary students. We’re confident that the Milepost Scholarship will inspire and encourage academic excellence in our school community for years to come! Thank you Mr Fu for your generosity and support of our students!

Graduation – Primary

We celebrated an incredible milestone on Friday 21 June for our amazing Reception and Year 6 students as they graduated! We are so proud of all your hard work, dedication, and achievements over the years. 

It is wonderful to see the growth of our eager young learners who have turned into confident, well-rounded individuals ready to move on to new challenges! The passion for learning, curiosity about the world, and determination to succeed will open countless doors for you in the years ahead. You have made us proud at every moment with your academic excellence, diverse talents, and friendships you have made at KIS.

A big thank you to Ms Kitty Lai,  Mr Ian Stapleton and all Primary and Springboard Primary staff for their hard work and organisation to make the graduation ceremony a success.

Congratulations, Reception and Year 6, Class of 2024!

Graduation – Secondary

Following the Primary Graduation on Friday 21 June, there was more excitement and cheer as we celebrated our Secondary Graduation Ceremony in the afternoon.

It was a day filled with joy, pride, and a sense of accomplishment as our students marked the completion of another significant academic journey. The air was electric with anticipation and the auditorium buzzed with the energy of proud families and well-wishers.

As the graduates marched in, their faces beamed with the satisfaction of hard work paying off. The ceremony was a celebration of their dedication, resilience, and the countless hours spent in pursuit of knowledge. Thank you to all the Secondary and Springboard Secondary staff team for their efforts and preparation in making this year’s graduation a fantastic event!

Congratulations to all our graduates! We wish you continued success as you embark on the next chapter of your lives. The world awaits your talents and contributions.

Swim Gala – Primary

Our reception & primary school students had an absolute blast at the Swim Gala on Monday 24 June! From freestyle to backstroke, they showcased their impressive swimming skills. We are so proud of our young swimmers!

Huge shoutout to all our swimmers! Every one of you played a vital role in creating this unforgettable day. Your passion and sportsmanship are truly commendable! Congratulations to All the Winners! Your dedication and hard work truly shone through, and we couldn’t be prouder of your achievements.

Thank you to our amazing teachers, staff, and parents! Special thanks to all the reception, primary, and springboard teachers, as well as our supportive parents for motivating and cheering on our team. Your support made this event a tremendous success!

Maths Fest

Secondary students put their problem-solving skills to the test with a variety of engaging challenges on Monday 24 June. From piecing together intricate Tangram Puzzles to the mind-bending task of creating a World Map on a Hexahedron, young mathematicians showcased their creativity and analytical thinking. 

Seeing so many bright minds tackling complex problems with enthusiasm and teamwork was amazing. Thanks to all the students who participated. A big thank you to the Maths Department and supporting staff for making this fun and interactive event for all our students. 

Secondary End of Year Assembly: House Cup Winner & Achievements

On Tuesday 24 June, we celebrated the incredible growth and achievements of our students at the final Secondary Assembly. Let’s join in to give them a huge round of applause!   

  • Academic Recognition Awards – Huge congratulations to all our academic stars! Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off. We are immensely proud of your achievements! 
  • Sports Awards – Congratulations to all our sports award winners! Your determination and spirit are inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work! 
  • Swim Gala Winner –  Congratulations to Team Wind for an outstanding performance! You’ve made a splash! 
  • House Spirit Award –  Congratulations to all our House Spirit winners. Your contribution to the team is remarkable!
  • The House Cup  – We are thrilled to announce that the House Cup winner goes to Team Water! Congratulations, Water! Your teamwork and perseverance have led you to victory!

We are incredibly proud of all our students. Your growth and accomplishments this year are truly amazing. A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers and staff for the guidance throughout this year. Your dedication and support are crucial for our students’ success!

Battle of The Brains

We had a fascinating “Battle of the Brains” Science Competition on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 June, with our brilliant Year 7-10 students! The room was buzzing with excitement as they showcased their scientific prowess while everyone else was cheering enthusiastically for their teammates!

From Physics to Biology to Chemistry, each participant gave their utmost to demonstrate their knowledge of science.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our amazing Science Department for organising this captivating and interactive event. Their efforts made this competition a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Year 6 Market

On Wednesday 26 June, our young Year 6 innovators transformed their classrooms into an amazing, bustling Materials marketplace, showcasing their creative stalls – as part of ‘Making New Materials Exit Point’

They demonstrated their sales skills, competing fiercely to attract customers and secure deals. It was truly inspiring to witness how they applied their knowledge of materials to create unique products!

The air was filled with chatter and the spirit of commerce. It was more than just a market –  it was a valuable lesson in economics, creativity, and teamwork. A big thank you to Mr. Ian Stapleton, all teachers, and staff for organising this amazing event.

Well done, Year 6s! You’ve truly impressed everyone.

Park Hee Bong Scholarship Ceremony

On Wednesday 26 June, we celebrated excellence at Mr. Park’s office in North Point with the prestigious Park Hee Bong Scholarship Award! It was an inspiring event, recognising students for their outstanding academic achievements. The students were joined by the Principal of the Korean Section, Mr Shin and the Principal of the International Section, Mr Hilton. Congratulations to all the brilliant minds who were honoured:

  • (KS) G11 – Choi, Ji An
  • (KS) G12 Nam, Yerin
  • (KS) G12 Myung, Jihyuk
  • (IS) Y11 – Lam, Cheuk Ki (Absent from photos)
  • (IS) Y12 -Yang, Pok Man Bowen

Your hard work and dedication are truly commendable. Keep shining and reaching for the stars!

Child Protection Awareness Course

We are pleased to announce that our KIS support staff has completed the “Child Protection Awareness Course” provided by, a training program specifically designed for support staff in Hong Kong. Our Principal, Mr Hilton, was delighted to present the certificates to the staff on Thursday 27 June. We deeply appreciate the effort of our support staff in completing this course and enhancing their awareness of child protection to ensure the safety of our students.

Annual Film Festival 2024

We had an incredible time at the KIS 2nd Annual Film Festival on Thursday 28 June! Our talented Year 10-13 students showcased their creativity and storytelling skills through a stunning array of short films. From heart-rending love stories to hilarious fun films, the diversity and quality of the entries truly amazed us!

A big applause to all our young filmmakers, actors, editors, and everyone involved in bringing these stories to life. You’ve made us incredibly proud!

The festival was also sweetened by delicious popcorn and cotton candy, and enriched by the beautiful art pieces showcased by our talented students. It was a feast for art!

Special thanks to our dedicated teachers and staff who guided and supported our students throughout this journey. Your mentorship and encouragement made all the difference.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s festival will bring!

Primary End of Year Assembly: Dance Performance & Achievements

The Primary End-of-Year Final Assembly on Friday 28 June was an incredible way to celebrate the amazing achievements of the school year!

Here’s a recap of our outstanding award recipients:

  • Sports Awards – A round of applause for our sports stars! Your determination, teamwork, and athletic prowess have been truly inspiring. Keep that winning spirit alive! 
  • Sports Day Award – Bravo to all winners and the House Fin Whale! Your team spirit and fair play led you to triumph!
  • Senior Student Leaders Award – Congratulations to all student leaders! Your commitment and leadership skills were on full display!
  • Swim Gala Award – A big round of applause for winning House Black Kite for their outstanding performances in the pool! 
  • The House Cup – We are thrilled to announce that the House Cup winner this year is Fin Whale! Congratulations, your teamwork and determination have paid off!
  • Milepost Scholarship Awards – Well done to all our young achievers! Your academic growth and progress this year have been impressive. Keep aiming high!
  • Library Competition Awards – Congratulations to all the Word Wizards, Sudoku Masters, and Rubik’s Speedsters winners! We hope your love for reading and learning continues to shine brightly. 

Our Assembly ended with a breathtaking Dance performance by our talented Primary Dance Group. Fantastic job, PRIMARY TEAM!

Springboard Charity Fair 2024 Update

Message from Ms Pamela Kwok, Vice Principal & Head of Springboard: “On behalf of the Springboard students and their families, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for our community’s participation and generous support at the Springboard Charity Fair 2024.

All your contributions have helped us raise a grand total of $17,340, which will go towards purchasing therapy equipment and funding enriching therapy outings for all students in the Springboard Programme.

Thank you once again for your continued support!

Summer School 2024

Korean International School (KIS) is again running its fantastic Summer School Programme this year from 2 to 26 July – open to KIS and non-KIS students aged 5 or above.

With a wide range of programmes and courses, it is a brilliant chance to seize the summer and expand your horizons! This is also an opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be a student at KIS!

For more information visit our Summer School webpage HERE

Primary Student-Led News Broadcast

This initiative aims to inform our community about regular events, activities, and celebrations at our school.

  • 1 July – Public Holiday: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
  • 2 July – 26 July – Summer School
  • 26 August – 2024-25 Academic Year Term 1 Begins

Parents, do you have a special highlight or achievement from your son or daughter that you would like to share with the KIS community? We would be delighted to celebrate their success!

We will gladly feature your child’s accomplishment on our official school channels.

Please email to :

  1. A short description and including your child’s class (2-3 sentences)
  2. Photo(s)

This is a wonderful opportunity to recognise our amazing students’ hard work, talents, and milestones. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your child’s story!

Additionally, all members of our community can be kept up to date with the latest events and activities through our social media channels: