Specialist Programmes

KIS provides learning opportunities beyond the school, both locally and globally, to enhance students’ learning. Through these activities students develop a greater sense of international mindedness and social responsibility.

  • Camps
  • Environmental Groups
  • Field Trips
  • House Days
  • Theatre Activities
  • Model United Nations
  • Musical Groups and Competitions
  • Project Week TRIPS
  • Regional and International Competitions
  • Science Groups and Competitions
  • Speech Festivals
  • Sport Teams and Competitions
  • Swimming Galas

Welcome to ECA Sports at KIS
Greetings from ECA Sports!

Our team of dedicated individuals are here to offer and provide support of most programs that happen outside of the regular academic day. These programs are incredibly fulfilling and fun for both our students, but also for the teachers and administrators that support them. We hope you will help us reach our goal that all students should be involved in at least one activity per term while balancing the commitment with the academic demands of our school.

Participation in extra-curricular programs supplements the development of the whole child and their educational experience. Here are some of the reasons why we value our programs that are scheduled outside of the academic schedule.

Sports – Competitive, mostly school funded, and seasonal sports teams that compete against other schools and are supported by the APSSO, ISSFHK and HKSSF organisations.

Physical Activity – Participation in sports develops the body physically while teaching teamwork, fair play, and cooperation with others. For a complete breakdown of what sports are available to partake in this term, please refer to the attached document ECA Sports Schedule

We look forward to having your child join one or more, of our scheduled ECA Sports.

Warm regards,
Mr. Luke Leader
KIS Director of Sports and Head of Physical Education

Charity Projects
Helping others, especially those less fortunate or in times of great need is something that the students and staff in the International Section of the Korean International School view as extremely important. The concept of ‘giving’ plays an important role school-wide, and links strongly with our shared core values of vision, passion and action. We actively fundraise and undertake awareness campaigns throughout the year for a variety of regionally based and international charities. In the 2016-17 academic year, KIS has supported various charities including LAP, UNICEF and Operation Santa Claus. Box of hope has always been an exciting opportunity for our students and we again look forward to participating in this fantastic charity. We plan to continue supporting many more over the coming months.

We also value the concept of ‘Community service’ and actively develop a High School trip every year in which student leaders travel to remote communities and undertake local problems with local solutions. In previous years, groups have travelled to rural Chinese villages in the Yangshuo area to work with primary school students and promote inter-school links and community ties. We will do that again this year. We have also visited Nepal and built a local community centre.

This year our students will visit Cambodia and lend their support to a local village. We have raised over $6000 for this cause but our time and effort provided will also be invaluable.

We are committed to raising money for those less privileged.

The Environment Committee in the International Section was formed in 2022. It comprises of Secondary students and teachers and works closely with the International Section PTA to push forward and carry out environmental initiatives in the school.

The Environment Committee organises campaigns and events that aim to raise awareness of green issues on a local and international level. Drawing from the core values of vision, passion and action, we focus on recycling materials and resources, reducing electricity consumption and sustaining a healthy environment in school.

One of the most significant green events of this school year was the KIS Goes Green School Fair, organised by the PTA and the Environment Committee. With a variety of stalls promoting greener practices, students, parents and teachers were able to participate in a wide range of green activities and support local organic food suppliers. The Environment Committee also held a Green Corner where students helped to create a Green Mural for the school.

Throughout this year, the Environment Committee and Environment ECA have worked hard to promote recycling by providing recycle bins for paper, plastic bottles and cans in classrooms and the school canteen.

In conjunction with this, the students from the Environment ECA have created posters that provide tips for reducing electricity consumption in the classrooms and around the school.

We have also supported various environmental campaigns that include:

  • World Animal Day
  • Hong Kong Seahorse Conservation Programme
  • A beach clean-up on Lamma Island run by the Eco-Education and Resources Centre HK.
  • WEEE Recycling Programme – Creative Short Film Contest

The Environment Committee is looking forward to building on the successes of this school year by continuing to promote and sustain a greener Korean International School!