Working at KIS

Teaching/Admin Openings: 2017-2018 School Year

A. Introduction
B. List of Vacant Position(s)
C. Application Procedures
D. Conditions of Work
E. Criminal Records
F. Further contact

A. Introduction:
Primary students begin at age 4 at Korean International School. Classes are no more than 20 to 25 and each lower primary class has an assistant as well as a teacher while upper primary classes Year 3 & 4 each share an assistant. The school is an active member of the Cambridge International Primary Programme [CIPP] which provides us with curricular materials and support for all levels. The school has digital whiteboards in all classrooms and software for them that has been integrated with curricular materials. Years 7 to 13 also follow Cambridge Programmes of study: 7 to 9 is secondary 1 [key stage 3]; Years 10 & 11 are Cambridge IGCSE [key stage 4] and Years 12 &13 follow the AS and A Level programme.

B. List of Vacant Position(s):
POSITION: Teaching Assistants for 2017/18 Year- for Primary and secondary
And /or across both.
Function: To support KIS teachers in the provision of a positive learning environment in the school. Teaching Assistants are required to set a good example to the pupils, through their presentation, personal and professional conduct. Candidates able to offer Specialist subject support such as; ESL/ SEN/PE/ IT is appreciated.

Key Tasks and Duties
  • To work under the direction of class teachers, or other senior members of staff, with individual children and groups of children in all subject areas.
  • To maintain a positive relationship with children, parents and colleagues.
  • To ensure the good behaviour of the children in your care, develop positive attitudes; encourage self-discipline and foster self-esteem.
  • To supervise pupils during the lunchtime period and breaks.
  • To supervise the drop-off time for children travelling by private car.
  • To promote a positive image of KIS in the immediate and wider community.
  • To maintain confidentiality on all matters relating to pupils, staff, school management and parents.
  • To record observations of children’s behaviour and progress as directed by the class teacher.
  • To assist with the supervision of pupils on their arrival/departure and during school times.
  • To accompany children off the school premises as directed by class teachers, but usually in the presence of a teacher. With prior arrangement, to assist with residential visits.
  • To assist in the maintenance of resources and equipment.
  • To use KIS resources judiciously.
Required Skills
Excellent spoken and written English
Good computer/technical skills
Ability to develop positive cooperative relationships with others
Ability to work independently
Ability to communicate effectively with staff, parents, pupils and the wider community
All applicants must hold a valid visa to work in Hong Kong.

All offers of employment are subject to confirmation of visa status in Hong Kong and satisfactory references.

Prospective employees may be required to apply for a Sexual conviction Record Check (SCRC) through the Hong Kong Police Force.

C. Application Procedures:
Teachers should submit a cover letter and CV by email. It is important that complete and detailed information be offered on past employment and the nature of the credentials held by the applicant. A transcript of university courses covered is a very useful document to include and applicants are strongly encouraged to include this information. All teachers must be certified by the Hong Kong Education Bureau.
All information should be sent to the school principal:

D. Conditions of Work:
Contractual school hours are from 8:00 to 4:30 daily. There is a probation period of 3 months and after that period full-time staff are eligible for a medical card. There is a bonus of one month for each year of satisfactory work paid at the end of the contract which is normally for two years.

E. Criminal Records:
It is important to note that all applicants will be screened for past criminal records and as part of the information submitted applicants would be wise to include reports from police departments where they resided that state the applicant has no criminal record.

F. Further contact:
Only if the candidate is short listed will there be further communication. Candidates should not contact the school by telephone and should assume that unless there is communication within three weeks from the date of the advertisement, the application has not been successful.

March 2018