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Textbooks Information (2018 - 2019)

Hong Kong Book Centre & Korean International School Textbook Service

Hong Kong Book Centre/Swindon will offer textbook ordering services to Korean International School Year 1-13 students with the following terms and conditions:

Booklist Preparation
  1. Korean International School will submit initial book list to Hong Kong Book Centre for quotations and availability check by end of April.
  2. Book list details (titles, prices and updated information) will be finalized by Hong Kong Book Centre before the end of May.
  3. Finalized book list will be uploaded to Hong Kong Book Centre’s and Swindon’s website and a textbook ordering page will be ready for online purchase by mid of June or whichever date in June requested by the school.
  4. The link to the specific Korean International School order page will be provided to the School when the finalized book list is uploaded and the School can post the link on their own website or on information supplied to parents and students.
  5. Hong Kong Book Centre/Swindon will also provide printed order forms to Korean International School for those students who prefer not to use the online ordering process and who prefer to send their orders with cheque payment. Order forms will also be available at Hong Kong Book Centre, Central branch and Swindon, Tsim Sha Tsui branch.
  1. All textbooks are subject to a 5%-10% discount off retail price (except for special net priced items). The booklist shall clearly indicate the final discounted net price of each book. This special discount is only available at Hong Kong Book Centre, Central branch/Swindon, Tsim Sha Tsui Branch. All prices include shipping costs and other related costs in making the books available to students.
Textbook Ordering & Purchasing
  1. Students can purchase their textbooks in person from Hong Kong Book Centre, Central branch or Swindon, Tsim Sha Tsui branch. Textbook checking and ordering service is also provided at these locations.
  2. All textbook orders must be pre-paid in full.
  3. Textbook order link will be given to school by mid of June. If students forget this order link or they have any questions, they can contact us by email to webstore@hkbookcentre.com or webstore@swindonbooks.com.
  4. All online orders must be settled by credit card payment.
  5. Website orders will be available for collection at Hong Kong Book Centre, Central branch (25 Des Voeux Road Central Lower Level) or Swindon, Tsim Sha Tsui branch (13-15 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui) by notification via email/phone if no email address available.
  6. Books will be collected by students at Hong Kong Book Centre, Central branch or Swindon, Tsim Sha Tsui branch.
Order & Delivery Lead-time
  1. Korean International School will notify students to order their books on or before 22 July in order to guarantee order fulfillment by start of new term mid of August. For those orders submitted after this date, there is a possibility of books arriving after start of new term.
  2. For out of stock items at publishers or agents, the school would be notified immediately.
  3. Hong Kong Book Centre will inform Korean International School for any out of print titles and their respective replacements and or the availability of new editions. This notification will be supplied to the school upon receipt of publishers’ notification.
  4. Please supply an email address which we can use during the summer to notify the school or teaching staff of any last minute change situations from publishers.
  5. Hong Kong Book Centre shall notify Korean International School if there are any out of stock/waiting for reprint titles that cannot be immediately supplied by the publisher. Under these circumstances, Hong Kong Book Centre shall continue to monitor available date with publishers and keep Korean International School and students informed.
Cancellations & Returns
  1. Deadline for book return / exchange is one month after school opening (deadline mid of September).
  2. Students must provide valid reasons for cancellations and returns (eg. Change of subject or class selection). Returns will only be accepted upon presentation of sales receipt and books must be in good condition(s). Books without price tag, damaged and used books with any markings (with names & notes etc. marked inside the book) will not be accepted.
  3. No cash refund will be made to order cancellations or returns. Hong Kong Book Centre/Swindon will issue exchange note in the equivalent value to the cancelled order/returned items for replacement or future purchase. Exchange notes will be valid for one year from the date of issue and are not redeemable in cash.
Date: 7 July

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