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2nd February 2018

February Swimming Competition

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for allowing selected students to participate in a whole day Swimming Meet. Please give them work that they can do or books to read for the long day in the stands.

Attached is a final version of the Swimming Competition Schedule for Friday 9 February at Victoria Park Swimming Pool near Tin Hau/Causeway Bay.

Below the email is a list of all 27 students coming along with Ni Si and I.

A bus will depart at 8am from KIS so we will miss the warm up time in the pool. If parents would like to take their child directly there and warm up during the KIS allocated lane and time then that will be fine.

It will be a long day with a prize giving at 4:30pm. Please remind students to supply sufficiently packed lunch and healthy snacks with a water bottle and/or any money to purchase food.

The tournament organisers of Chinese International School do require a fee of $140 per child. Moreover, I have organised a swim cap for all students in our school team which will cost $40 each. This is mandatory for the KIS swim team to be identifiable in the pool etc.

Please ask students to have $180 cash enveloped, addressed to Mr. Ackerman given directly to me or their class teacher or on the bus of the day at the Meet.

If there are any questions, please email me.

Adrienne Tang
Year 11:
Ji Oh Lee
Year 10:
Ryan Chiu
Jared Ling
Year 7:
Eduward Franco
Tae Kang
Aaron Tam
Timmy Yoo
Year 6:
Hector Chan
Ethan Cheng
Javan Ip
Seo Yun Jeong
Keana Masuda Karrasch
Gemma Kim
Ji Won Moon
Sia Shin
Nathan Park
Lauren you
Year 5:
Jason Bui
Ingrid Chan
Cooper Rodda
David Son
Sabi Yoon
Year 4:
Matthew Kim
Andre Lo
Ethan Xu
Year 3:
Ryan Park

Swimming Team program Session 1
Swimming Team program Session 2

Warm regards,

Conrad Ackerman
Head of Physical Education
Director of Sport
International Section

22nd January 2018

Secondary Sports: ISSFHK
Season1 (August-November): u14 Boys Football

Season 2 (November-February) Cross Country (u14 boys and girls and u16 girls) HKSSF: 14 November 2017, Basketball (u12 Boys, u20 Boys, u14 Boys and u14 girls); Ball Hockey (u20 Girls); 9 February Swimming Competition (also Primary)

Season 3 (February-April) u14 Boys Badminton

Season 4 (March-June) u12 Boys Football, u12 Girls Netball, u14 Boys Touch Rugby, u20 Co-Ed Touch Rugby, u20 Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee

Primary Sports:
Y3 Ball Hockey Tournament
Y4 Boys Football Tournament
Y6 Girls Basketball Tournament
Y6 Boys Basketball Tournament

7 February Upper Primary Football Tournament
9 February Swimming Competition (also Secondary)
14 March Upper Primary Touch Rugby Tournament
Netball Practices (y3-6)

Season 1 (August 28 - November 3)
U14 Boys Soccer
Y3 Ball Hockey Teams
Y4 Football Teams
Y5&6 Basketball Teams

Season 2 (November 1 – February 16)
u20 Girls Ball Hockey
U20 Boys Basketball
U12 Co-ed Touch Rugby
U12 Girls Netball
Junior and Senior Cross Country

Season 3 (February 19 – April 20)
U20 Girls Soccer
U20 Boys Badminton
Softball (TBC)

Season 4 (April 16 – June 11)
U12 Boys Soccer
U19 Boys Touch Rugby
U19 Girls Touch Rugby
U14 Girls Netball

Sports Fixtures or Results

U14 Boys Football ISSFHK Division 2:
Results: v SIS Won 3-2; v THS Won 8-1; v DSC Lost 0-2; v Carmel draw 0-0; v HKIS B Team Lost 0-3; v KCCIS draw 1-1
Position: 4th

Y3 Ball Hockey Tournament:
4 Teams from KIS and 4 Teams from IMS
Position: a Team from KIS finished 2nd

Y4 Boys Football Tournament:
KIS Team 1 and Team 2
Opponents- NAIS 2 Teams; NIS; IMS 2 Teams; Anfield; YCIS; FIS 2 Teams; ICA.
Position 5th and 6th out of 12 Teams

Y6 Girls Basketball Tournament:
Opponents- IMS 3 Teams, ICA 2 Teams.
Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 2
Position 4th out of 6 Teams

Cross Country HKSSF: 14 November 2017
B Grade (U16) Girls
C Grade U14) Boys
C Grade U14) Girls

Secondary Girls Ball Hockey ISSFHK League Fixtures @ KPCC YMCA, Jordan:
Wednesday, 15 November
Wednesday, 22 November
Wednesday, 06 December
Saturday, 09 December
Wednesday, 13 December

U14 Boys Basketball ISSFHK League Fixtures TBC

U14 Girls Basketball ISSFHK League Fixtures TBC

U20 Boys Basketball ISSFHK League Fixtures TBC

Conrad Ackerman
Head of Physical Education
International Section