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Sports Programme
The Sports Department supports the mission and vision of the Korean International School and contributes to finding PASSION; fostering VISION; encouraging ACTION.

We believe that a dynamic and competitive sports program is integral to the cognitive, social and emotional development of our student sports men and women.

The competitive sports program extends the regular curricular programs of the school. Its aim is to cultivate the qualities of good sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, respect for others, and the ability to win with honour and lose with grace. Our athletes are expected to exhibit the highest standards of responsibility and behavior in their pursuit of sporting excellence.

KIS Secondary sports teams compete in the International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK). This league consists of 28 leading international schools in the Hong Kong area that compete over 4 seasons of play during a regular school year.

KIS Primary sports teams take part in a friendly network of many international schools.

Our program is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment in order to assist our students to meet sporting and academic challenges. We see our sports program as an integral part of your child's education and hope that you will encourage your child to take part.

KIS Sports Department

Season 1 (August 28 - November 3)
U14 Boys Soccer
Y3 Ball Hockey Teams
Y4 Football Teams
Y5&6 Basketball Teams

Season 2 (November 1 – February 16)
u20 Girls Ball Hockey
U20 Boys Basketball
U12 Co-ed Touch Rugby
U12 Girls Netball
Junior and Senior Cross Country

Season 3 (February 19 – April 20)
U20 Girls Soccer
U20 Boys Badminton
Softball (TBC)

Season 4 (April 16 – June 11)
U12 Boys Soccer
U19 Boys Touch Rugby
U19 Girls Touch Rugby
U14 Girls Netball

Sports Fixtures or Results

U14 Boys Football ISSFHK Division 2:
Results: v SIS Won 3-2; v THS Won 8-1; v DSC Lost 0-2; v Carmel draw 0-0; v HKIS B Team Lost 0-3; v KCCIS draw 1-1
Position: 4th

Y3 Ball Hockey Tournament:
4 Teams from KIS and 4 Teams from IMS
Position: a Team from KIS finished 2nd

Y4 Boys Football Tournament:
KIS Team 1 and Team 2
Opponents- NAIS 2 Teams; NIS; IMS 2 Teams; Anfield; YCIS; FIS 2 Teams; ICA.
Position 5th and 6th out of 12 Teams

Y6 Girls Basketball Tournament:
Opponents- IMS 3 Teams, ICA 2 Teams.
Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 2
Position 4th out of 6 Teams

Cross Country HKSSF: 14 November 2017
B Grade (U16) Girls
C Grade U14) Boys
C Grade U14) Girls

Secondary Girls Ball Hockey ISSFHK League Fixtures @ KPCC YMCA, Jordan:
Wednesday, 15 November
Wednesday, 22 November
Wednesday, 06 December
Saturday, 09 December
Wednesday, 13 December

U14 Boys Basketball ISSFHK League Fixtures TBC

U14 Girls Basketball ISSFHK League Fixtures TBC

U20 Boys Basketball ISSFHK League Fixtures TBC

Conrad Ackerman
Head of Physical Education
International Section