Life at KIS | School Trips Details

Trips Details 2016-2017
Here is some brief information about the Primary and Secondary trips being developed for November 2016. All trips are in the final stage of planning, and this information should help you gain a better understanding of these important upcoming events in Term 1.

Primary Trips Week [7th November- 11th November 2016]
Deadline for payment: Friday 23rd September

1. Year 3: 2D/1N [Sai Kung]
Monday 7th – Tuesday 8th November
Cost: $2000
For many students this will be there first ever trip away from home, we have developed a short program aiming to grow self-awareness and confidence. Activities planned include: a discovery hunt, archery and a raft building challenge.

2. Year 4: 3D/2N [Sai Kung]
Monday 7th – Wednesday 9th November
Cost: $3200
This year’s focus is on building motivation and social skills. We have developed many team-building challenges and a range of outdoor-based adventure activities. These include climbing, kayaking, a Mangrove study and more!

3. Year 5: 4D/3N [Cheung Chau]
Monday 7th – Thursday 10th November
Cost: $3900
Action stations! The year 5 trip is non-stop filled with activities designed to challenge the students and take them outside of their comfort zone. Biking, Team building, Abseiling, Climbing, Great race and more, you name it, we have it!

4. Year 6: 4D/3N [Lantau]
Tuesday 8th – Friday 11th November
Cost: $4100
Communication and learning through challenge are the main goals of the year 6 trip. We have developed a range of both outdoor adventure activities as well some more reflective tasks that help develop a greater awareness of the environment and the role that individuals can play in making the world a better place.

Secondary Trips Week [21st -25th November 2016]
Deadline for deposit: Monday 19th September
Deadline for balance: Monday 3rd October

1. Hong Kong Local Trip: 5D/1N
Cost: $3200 [No Deposit Required]
Monday 21st – Friday 25th November
Year 7-13
Explore Hong Kong in a variety of different locations whilst also growing community participation and enhanced confidence. This trip will be built around challenging outdoor activities in some of the best locations in this diverse city.

2. China [Yangshuo] Trip: 6D/5N
Cost: $9200 [$4000 Deposit Required]
Sunday 20th – Friday 25th November
Year 7-10
Experience one of the most stunning parts of rural China and practise your Putonghua at the same time! This trip combines community service with a range of exciting outdoor activities including; climbing, biking, cave exploring, hiking and more. This is always one of the most popular trips we offer, and especially suited to lower years looking to grow in confidence and develop problem solving abilities.

3. Cambodia Trip: 7D/6N
Cost: $13000 [$4000 Deposit Required]
Saturday 19th – Friday 25th November
Year 9-13
A new trip for the school, with a focus on History / Tourism and Geography we travel to Siem Reap, a fascinating City rich in culture and history. After a day exploring the world famous Angkor Wat and other temples, we head to an area of traditional farming, immerse ourselves in the local community and participate in some meaningful community service projects.

4. Taiwan [Taipei / Hualien] Trip: 7D/6N
Cost: $9500 [$4000 Deposit Required]
Saturday 19th – Friday 25th November
Year 11-13
An adventurous and exhilarating trip with a strong focus on business studies, economics, and leadership. The trip is based in the north of Taiwan, an area teeming with adventure sports, hot pools and geothermal activity, and stunning pristine nature. Learn about indigenous Taiwanese culture, hike the famous Toroko Gorge, and enjoy delicious local food. We also have a number of days based in Taipei, and a side trip to the Hsinchu High Technology Park.