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Technology in Classrooms
In today’s global world, the opportunity that technology provides in teaching and learning is massive. We recognize the potential of using these digital devices for teaching and learning and prepare our students to be confident and responsible users of digital technologies in their learning process. We provide them with a wide range of learning resources, tools, applications that can be integrated across curriculum. We make students use different types of technologies like chrome books, laptops, Interactive White board, digital camera etc. in their classrooms to promote students creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication as they engaged in new learning across different school subjects.

The International section at KIS, has introduced different ways of using technology in classroom at all levels, in addition to computer, as a subject for learning.

The lower primary classes from Reception to Year 3 have 2 sessions in the Information and Technology Learning Center (ITLC) classroom every week that allows them to learn using technology. The first session is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subject class where they learn the technology skills. In the second session students learn to apply these technology tools across various subjects.

The Upper Primary students work with Chrome books in classrooms for learning across the curriculum. These Chrome books are supplied to the classrooms, when there is a request by class teacher to use it as a learning tool for a specific subject.

The secondary students currently have been allowed to bring their own device to school for use of technology in classroom learning. This was also supplemented by using Chrome books in classrooms on request from the specialist subject teacher until the current school year. However, from next school year the International section will be following the BYOD (recommended by school) program. For more details of the program, please click the below link
BYOD (recommended by school) Program details …

G Suite for Education / Google apps for Education
The school uses G Suite for Education as a communication and collaboration tool for Upper Primary and Secondary students in classrooms. G Suite collaboration tools will make it possible for students to work together in a digital environment on assignments and projects via the web, in an online environment. There are free applications available for students and they do not reside on the computer, but they are accessed through a web browser through the "cloud" environment via the school WIFII network.