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Exam update info for Parents

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students of Year 7 to Year 10,

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Please be informed of the Examination Timetable and the Exam Rules for all Year 7 to 10 Term 1 2019-2020 examinations.

Main changes to exam week:
  • Please note that on examining days, students are asked to report to school and meet tutors/advisors slightly later than normal time:
    Year 7-9: 8:40am
    Year 10: 8:30am

  • Also familiarise yourself with the new exam start time for the morning session – for Y7-9, this is now 9:20am.

  • All Year 7-9 students will be located in the gym and all Y10 students will be in 415.

  • During this period of time students of Y7-9 only attend when they have examinations: Tues – full day (Y8 PM only), Weds – AM, Thurs AM (Y8 – Thurs PM also) Friday AM. Students should leave school when they have finished their exams. E.g. Leave at 10:50am when there is no PM exam.

  • Year 10 will be in for the full day but can leave school when they have finished their PM exam. [Students who do not take Chinese can come to school for the PM exam only]

  • Please ask your subject teachers if you have any questions at all regarding what will be in the exam.

  • Read the Exam Rules carefully and ask if you do not understand.

  • Lunch is at 10:50-11:20 for Y7 & 9 students on Tuesday and Y8 on Thursday.
The Social Studies Year 8 examination is pending an investigation for a possible breach of the exam paper. This exam will be rewritten and the exam postponed to Thursday PM session.

Good Luck all students!

Please check with your teachers if you have any questions at all.

Best regards,