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Staff List for Korean International School - International Section 2017 - 2018
Our teachers come from diverse countries- including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand- and that diversity in culture and teaching methods adds significantly to the richness of the education our students receive. Members of staff are encouraged to undertake professional development to keep abreast of the latest educational philosophies.

Principal Email
Mr. Christopher Chadwick Principal, International Section

Assistant Principal Email
Ms. Maisie Chan Assistant Principal & Head of Secondary

Teacher's Name Grade Subject Email
Primary Class Teachers
Ms. Connie Yong Reception Class Y Primary
Ms. Tracy Peckham Reception Class P Primary
Ms. Kim Ashman Year 1A Primary
Primary: Head of Social Studies
Ms. Michelle Fegyverneki Year 1F Primary
New Teachers-Induction coordinator
Ms. Nicole Norden Year 1N Primary
Ms. Teresa Jorge Year 2J Primary: Bus Coordinator
Ms. Marche Shireen Shaw Year 2S Primary
Mrs. Ellen Ferguson Year 3F Primary
Mr. David Ross Carter Year 3C Primary
Mrs. Faye DeLacy Year 4D Primary
ECA Coordinator
Mr. Alan Brown Year 4B Primary
Mrs. Glenda Khoo Year 5GK Primary
Head of Primary
Mr. Keith Lau Year 5L Primary
Primary: Head of English
Mr. Michael Clough Year 6C Primary: Head of Mathematics
Mr. Shawn Vessey Year 6V Primary
Primary: Head of Science
Ms. Pamela Kwok Springboard Primary Primary: Head of SEN

Secondary Form Teachers
Mr. Robin Williams Year 7RW Secondary: Science
Secondary: Head of Science
Mr. Jordan Warburton Year 7JW Secondary: English & Media Studies
Ms. Vandana Srivastava Year 8VS Secondary
Secondary: Head of English
Mr. Yvan Cardinal Year 8YC Secondary: Physics & Mathematics
Mr. Willie Moeke Year 9WM Secondary: English
AYP Coordinator
Mr. Jeremy Green Year 10JG Secondary: Social Studies
Head of Social Studies
Mr. Craig Johnstone Year 10CJ Secondary: Science & Mathematics
Mr. Courteney Spence Year 11CS Secondary: Head of Mathematics
Mr. Howard Reddy Year 12HR Secondary: ESL
ESL Coordinator
Mr. Jeroen De Pauw Year 13JP Secondary: Psychology, Global Perspectives
Head of 6th Form
Mr. Peter Barnes Springboard Middle Secondary: Head of SEN

Primary and Secondary Subject Teachers
Ms. Bianca Brown Secondary University advisor/
Cambridge assessment coordinator
Mr. Edward Chan Secondary Secondary: Business & Economics
Ms. Kavitha Suresh Primary & Secondary Computer Studies/ ICT
Head of Technology
Ms. Amanda Wang Primary & Secondary Chinese
Head of Chinese
Mr. Conrad Ackerman Primary & Secondary Physical Education
Head of Physical Education
Ms. Polly Lau Secondary Science
Ms. Janis Brett Secondary Mathematics & Science
Ms. Sunita Nair Primary ESL
Ms. Sandhya Birla Primary ESL
Ms. Grace Yen Primary ESL & Year 5 English
Mr. Andrew Lin Primary Physical Education
Ms.Ni Si Melia Nixon Primary Physical Education
Mr. Ken Tai Primary & Secondary Chinese & ICT
Mr. Carlos Dechen Primary Spanish
Mr. David Sanchez Primary Spanish
Mr. Andy Yeung Primary & Secondary Art
Ms. Eleanor Ching Primary Art
Ms. Eun-Hee Lee Primary & Secondary Korean
Ms. KIM Hunmin Primary & Secondary Korean
Ms. Cecilia Mao Primary & Secondary Chinese
Ms. OU Yingzhe Primary & Secondary Chinese
Ms. Edith Wu Primary & Secondary Chinese
Ms. Lizzie Liu Primary & Secondary Chinese
Mr. SHUM Chun-wah Marvin Primary & Secondary Music
Mr. Teri Mohm Secondary ESL Support

Assistant Teachers
Ms. Sudha Dilip RP Assistant Reception
Ms. Regina Abraham RC Assistant Reception
Mr. Jay Sajo Year 1F Assistant Primary
Ms. Ivy Fernie Year 1N Assistant Primary
Ms. Almond Chen Year 1A Assistant Primary
Mrs. Maria Ubana Year 2S Assistant Primary
Ms. Madeleine Cross Year2J Assistant Primary
Ms. Jayshree Subramanian Year 4 Assistant Primary
Mr. Sean Blanco Year 5 & 6 Assistant Primary
Mr. NG Cheuk Kwan Dickie Springboard Primary Assistant Primary
Ms. Lok Sze Fong, Royce Springboard Primary Assistant Primary
Ms. Diptii Mehta Springboard Secondary Assistant Secondary
Ms. Martha So Springboard Secondary Assistant Secondary
Mr. Murphy Hui IT Assistant Primary & Secondary

IT Technician, Nurse & Librarian
Ms. Diana Chian Librarian Whole School
Ms. Vincy Yu Lab Technician Whole School
Ms. Nora Yeung School Nurse Whole School
Mr. Francis Choy IT Technician Whole School