Lunch Information

We have lunch enrollment program for students of kindergarten to Grade 12. Students/parents have to complete this enrollment form by checking the boxes below, either entire month, or select some particular days. No late enrollment or cancellation will be accepted after 10a.m. on that day. Our menu can be seen and downloaded at or

Lunch Menu: Feb & Mar        Lunch Enrollment Form  

Lunch Menu: Dec & Jan        Lunch Enrollment Form  

To Enroll:

International Section: Spring Broad, Reception, Year 1 to Year 3 &
Korean Section: Kindergarten, Year 1 to Year 2

Please Fill with A, B or C in the boxes of calendar provided, leave the box blank if no enrollment.

Year 4 or above in Both Section:

Please put a tick in the boxes provided if you would like to enroll, leave the box blank if no enrollment.

Price of meals:

Pre-Enrollment for lunch (Minimum order of 3 Days in a month):

Year 6 or below: Hot Meal (one choice only) + Drink = $33

Year 7 or above: Hot Meal (two choices only) + Drink = $33

Purchase during lunch time:

Year 6 or below: Hot Meal (one choice only) + Drink = $35

Year 7 or above: Hot Meal (two choices only) + Drink = $35


All set meals included seasonal vegetables, daily soup, and Korean kimchee.

Payment Method:

By Hand in: Please hand in your completed form with Cash or Cheque to Cafeteria.

By Post: Please make cheque payable to “Compass Group Hong Kong Ltd” and mail to the ‘Korean International School, Ground Floor School Cafeteria, 55 Lei King Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho, HK’ and mark it ‘Attn to: Cafeteria’

PPS: We accept PPS payment for meal enrolment. With PPS, you can make payment through the use of a touch-tone phone or via the Internet. Our PPS Merchant Code: 9737 Merchant Name: Compass Group Hong Kong Ltd. Your *PPS Bill Account Number is 080+Student Number. Please allow two working days for payment transaction to be processed.

Refund / Exchange: Please be reminded that the credit is not transferable to the next month or refundable. Credit can only be transferred to the date in the same month. Parents need to notice us before 10 a.m. on that day.

By not delaying the lunch enrollment of your student, please write the student's full name & grade below. It is also recommended to write the student's full name at back of the cheque. Should you have any queries, please contact our Cafeteria Manager Ms. Jeana Ye by phone at 2568-4583 or by email at