Art & Craft

The Arts and Craft Room is a large and comfortable space located on the 3rd floor of the old building of KIS.

Art is an area that enhances the creative abilities of our students. The teacher provides lessons which focus on both the fun and technicalities of painting, drawing and handicraft.

Watercolour and a variety of Art activities are also offered as extracurricular classes by our qualified art teacher.

Basketball Court

We have a total of 3 Basketball Courts- 2 outdoors located on the 6th floor and ground floor, and one in the 3rd floor gymnasium. In addition, we have a basketball net for practicing shots located in the parking lot area.


There is a school nurse on site to provide first aid services to any student injured or sick. If the school needs to be aware of your child’s individual medical condition then please contact the school nurse.

Also, any medicine which needs to be given to your child should be sent to the nurse with proper instructions. The classroom teachers will not administer any medication to your child.

Gym & Auditorium

Our Gym is an air-conditioned, multi purpose facility used for a variety of activities. It has a stage which allows for assemblies as well as school productions. It is also used for PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. Badminton, basketball, volleyball and other indoor games are played here.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is large with both a deep end and a very shallow section for our younger students who are beginners. It is indoor and fully heated allowing for swimming lessons to take place throughout the year.

The facility also includes boys and girls locker rooms, both with showers, toilets and changing facilities.

Technology Centre

The two Samsung digital Computer classrooms are located on the third floor of the school. It has a total of 56 laptops and is networked using a fibre-optic gigabit network. The entire school is also connected through WFII.

Besides this, the technology classrooms are also equipped with projector, Interactive White board and laser printer. All laptops are installed with Windows Operating System and various educational and multimedia software that can enhance student learning using technology.

The school has also introduced Chrome books in mainstream classrooms as a part of integrating technology in all subjects.

Library Research Centre

Our library holds 8,000 Korean books and 7,000 English books, a total of 15,000 books to encourage and foster students’ self study skills as well as enhance parents’ and students’ cultural awareness.

The Library is located on 4th floor of New Building and each class has one scheduled period a week to use the library.

Each student has a library card which allows the student to borrow three books per week.

Late Books

There will be a 1$ per day fine for students who do not return books after 2 weeks.

Damaged and Lost Books

Fine for lost and damaged books will be according to the replacement price stated on the website: http://www.amazon.com. Please note that the delivery charge will also be included.

Music Studio

The Music Studio is located on the 2nd floor of the school in Room 213.

Music is an important part of the curriculum. Songs are chosen to reinforce vocabulary and are often based on the theme being studied. Children are encouraged to enjoy music through rhythm, action and movement. Basic concepts of pitch, volume, beat and rhythm are introduced. The emphasis is on singing for enjoyment, listening for appreciation and expressing oneself through music and movement.

Music is offered at primary levels and the secondary levels up to grade 9 within the school.


To the right side of the gate upon entering the KIS grounds you find the Adventure Playground. It has several components that allow children to develop their gross motor skills, strength and co-ordination.

The main structure has multi-level platforms with several slides of different length and pitch. It also promotes imaginative play as it resembles a house with steps, windows and doors on various levels.

Along the side, the newly added stepping stones, at various heights, are great for climbing and jumping. The children improve their balancing skills and coordination. Ride-on toys also develop similar skills.

Science Lab

The Science Lab is located on the 5th floor in Room 501. It is shared between all secondary science classes. There are 5 large counters with sinks and electrical outlets to carry out investigations. A store room contains chemicals and other supplies such as anatomical models.